Rain & Sludge

My alarm rudely went off at 5am this morning. I had had plans of fitting in my run before I started this epically long day, but when I heard the rain pouring outside my window and felt how tired I was, I hit snooze and rolled over. Sleep is important for your health after all! It may turn out that I just need to make Wednesdays my rest days instead of Fridays.

20130109-NOW 001

After a bit more sleep I was showered, dressed, and devouring some breakfast. Popped amaranth, ice cold 2% milk, toasted almonds, and plump golden raisins. It cooled my body down (yes I overheat even just from a hair dryer) and filled me up.

Then I was out in the rain! Yep, unfortunately due to schedule conflicts, I have to take the bus to school on Wednesdays and that means I have to get up super early and get to school super early because the silly bus stops coming for a large chunk of time. As I trudged through the wind and rain I decided that it was a stupid social norm here that Seattleites don’t use umbrellas. I for sure was sooo glad I had mine. Seattleites must not walk many places.

Today I had my first class of Writing About Food & Health. I’m hoping to improve my writing skills so you all can enjoy these long boring posts a bit more. ^_^ (I totally appreciate each and every one of you for reading!) I was really nervous for this class because even though I have all of you reading my writing everyday, I’m still super shy about it. Hell, even if Chase reads any of this right after I post it I blush up like a 12 year old girl getting caught staring at her crush!


Anyway the class was so fun and we wrote little snippets on satsumas and then got to eat them. ^_^ You know how I don’t normally like citrus? Well this satsuma was the best dang citrus I’ve ever tasted! It was fragrant, juicy, and zippy! I loved every bite.


For lunch I had some cauliflower on top of a bed of Moroccan chili, a peach Chobani, and some NatureBox garlic pumpkin seeds. I’m getting pretty bored of this chili but I have so darn much of it and practically no other options. (My CSA finally arrives Friday! It’s been 3 weeks since my last one.)

In the afternoon, I had Nutrition Throughout Life which will be an interesting and doable course. It’s a hybrid one so a lot of it is online. I thought I’d share with you all an article I read for it from Harvard Magazine, The Way We Eat Now. Pretty interesting stuff!


Straight from school, Danae dropped me off at work. Boring! I’d so rather be studying. Over the course of the evening I had one final piece of See’s Chocolate and an Odwalla Sweet & Salty Almond Chewy Nut Bar. It had a strange funk to it…like a fruit taste when there was no fruit in it. o.O

20130109-NOW 003

Once Chase picked me up from work (Thank the gods because there was sleet, wind, and rain everywhere) we headed home for a dinner of Hmm-What’s-In-The-Fridge. I threw together a random salad of romaine, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, cauliflower, croutons, and blue cheese yogurt dressing and for some more substance I also reheated some delicata squash and red onions.

20130109-NOW 004

Well….let’s just say that plate didn’t really fill me up and I had an inkling for some of that amazing chocolate cherry almond butter I made. I ate a little out of the jar..but knew I couldn’t let myself keep doing that so I threw a spoonful in a strawberry Chobani. Nope, it’s best on it’s own. ~.^

Hope you all had a great hump day! Tomorrow’s my Friday!

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