Ug. It’s been just one of those days where I don’t feel good about anything. You know that feeling that even though you ate a healthy lunch, you are as big and as jigglly as a whale? I blame my lady days. It’s really hard to ignore.

Even when I woke up I felt this way. Even while I did strength training at the gym I felt this way.

20130105-NOW 001

Eating a healthy breakfast of oats cooked with 1/2 a frozen banana and nutmeg and topped with sunflower seed butter, toasted almonds, and golden raisins didn’t make it go away.


There was one small shining moment when I splurged and got a short ristretto nonfat Vanilla Spice Latte (with light whip Surprised smile) when I felt good…but about an hour or so later I couldn’t put off eating lunch any longer.


I’d brought leftover Moroccan chili, grapes, and a raspberry Chobani. Pretty healthy right? I felt gross. =/ I walked the 2 miles home from work and that helped a little…

20130105-NOW 002

But then I was hungry and needed a snack so I ate a snack baggie I’d made up of NatureBox dried pears and garlic sunflower seeds. I needed this snack because dinner was a loonnggg time coming. Why you say?

20130105-NOW 003

Because I baked my own bread!! I mixed up a batch of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day Master Recipe yesterday, and today I finally got to shape it, rest it, and bake it in the oven! It turned out great. =) I love that it is mostly whole grain. I can’t wait to try different flours. I enjoyed a slice with leftover baked beans on top of a bed of romaine lettuce and topped with cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, and green onions. >.> I ended up eating two more slices of this amazing bread. I’m baking a new loaf tomorrow!


So yeah, still not feeling so great about me. It’s not just my body image that’s getting me down. I just feel glum. =/ Ophie understands. ❤

Here’s to tomorrow.

One thought on “Gross

  1. I hate those kinds of days! Dont worry I’m totally with you, I have been feeling the same way… I think I’m ready for spring 😉 Here is to a better day for both of us!

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