Energizer Bunny

./Big yawn

I had a busy Friday. It started with me being rudely awakened by my alarm at 7am.

20130104-NOW 005

I dazedly showered and made myself a yummy bowl of Greek yogurt, a cut up apple, ground flax, granola crisps, a handful of trail mix, and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter.

Then I was out the door walking to the hospital for my weekly dietary tray delivery volunteer work. It went so much better this week. No one got uppity with me and I’d even say almost all of the patients were happy to see me there with their food! ^_^ Hopefully things can only continue to improve because currently the whole thing seems somewhat like a waste of time. I’m not learning much.

After that volunteer work was over I was off to Redmond to help Carole organize her business files for tax season! It reminded me of cleaning up my Dad’s house almost two years ago (wow has it been that long?) and organizing all of his old bills. It’s crazy that you’re supposed to keep those files for 10 years!


At noon, Carole made us a scrumptious lunch! Spinach, spiraled raw zucchini (I seriously want one of these), pressure cooked hard boiled eggs, dried cranberries, goat cheese, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It was outstanding!

20130104-NOW 007

I was home again by 2:30pm to deal with insurance issues. I brought Ophie this lovely gift Carole gave her when she found it in a box of files. Yes it is a cat mermaid costume! It has a little seashell bra in the front but Ophie didn’t want you all to see.

20130104-NOW 008

I was a bit peckish around 3pm so I had more Winter Wonderful trail mix with a cup of coffee. Thanks to the wonderfully sweet guy at Missoula Federal Credit Union I can now prove that I bought Chase the iPod that was stolen 4 years ago! =D Now if only we could prove ownership of everything that was taken.

20130104-NOW 009

My Aunt Karen and Uncle Nelson gave me an awesome Xmas gift of Amazon money this year for the holidays and I finally decided what I wanted to spend it on a few days ago and today it arrived! I’m so excited to give baking my own bread a try. =D (Also got a pizza stone so I can bake this bread right!)

While I waited for dinner to finish cooking in the crockpot, I biked 60 minutes on hill setting. Not the toughest workout I’ve ever done but it did help improve my mood a bit. To be honest, it’s been a not great day emotionally. I’m gonna blame my lady days.

20130104-NOW 010

Finally, my meal was done! It was a little bit of a bust…I made Slow-Cooker Moroccan Beef Chili from the Jan/Feb 2013 edition of Clean Eating. Well, I think the beef may have added a lot of flavor to this dish..because I found it extremely lacking. =/ Chickpeas are also my least favorite of beans. Oh well, they can’t all be winners right?

20130104-NOW 011

Feeling very unsatisfied I had a blueberry Chobani with a spoonful of chunky peanut butter for dessert…and then scarfed down a few almond windmill cookies on top of it. >.< I really need to work more on my emotional eating issues I’ve been having this past week. Emotionally I just feel like the Energizer Bunny who’s run out of battery. =/

Here’s to a better day, tomorrow.


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