Yay so I fixed the problem I had yesterday. Turns out when one of the furballs stepped on my keyboard (even though they know they aren’t supposed to) they switched the output color when I export. I can’t believe what a pain that was to figure out! I uninstalled and reinstalled everything! But now, for the future, I know. –_-

20130103-NOW 001

Wow did I sleep well last night. When my alarm went off at 10 am I was still completely out. I listened though, and got out of bed for a nice big bowl of cereal: popped amaranth, ground flax, toasted almonds, dried tart cherries, and a small sprinkle of white chocolate chunks because it’s my lady days and that’s what I wanted!

After digesting, cuddling back in bed, I really wanted to get more sleep. However, I had a workout schedule to keep so I got out of bed and hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill run at 1.0 incline. It felt great and it woke me right up! Pretty soon I’m going to start increasing the interval speeds.

Before I knew it was time to get my butt to work since I was covering for Jaycee.


Lunch at 2pm was light and delicious. My amazing boyfriend made me a bento filled with California rolls, sunomono, and pickled ginger. Mmm! I also had a side of grapes.


It didn’t quiet satisfy me though so I also had a baggie of Granola Crisps while I got files together for Saturday.


Around 5pm my stomach was getting painfully hungry and even though I’d packed some other healthy snacks, I let myself have one See’s chocolate instead. ^_^

20130103-NOW 003

As soon as I got home around 6:30pm it was dinner time! I ate three unpictured pieces of California roll while I got this together. Steamed cauliflower, TJ’s Baked Beans, Meatless Meatballs, and green onions. Man homemade beans have such better texture! I can’t wait to make more.

20130103-NOW 004

A few hours later, while Chase and I paid bills and worked on our renters insurance claim (omg what a pain), I got really aggravated and had handfuls and handfuls of this Winter Wonderful trail mix Chase’s grandma had sent us yesterday. –_- It’s filled with dried cranberries and cherries, almonds, macadamias, cashews, and pecans. Holy yum. It went really nicely with some green tea.

Well, Chase needs my help. =/ Filing an insurance claim is serious business.


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