The End of 2012

Before I knew it last night it was after midnight (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) and I was surprised I hadn’t written my blog post yet! So I will try very hard to recapture how my day was yesterday. Heart

It started with me being completely exhausted and with a headache that I’d had all night long. Like I predicted, it was my night to stay up with Vinni. All night long he went running about crying. I eventually got him to calm down and lay down next to me, which moved Ophie out of her usual spot. Ophie, realizing how Vinni got her spot decided two could play that game so she started crying as well! In the end, I made sleeping Chase move the hell over so they could both lay right next to me. I’d say I got a max of 5 hours of sleep.

20121231-NOW 001

You can probably guess I wasn’t really in the mood to make a pretty looking, thought-out breakfast. I used the last of the Greek yogurt (~1/2 cup) in it’s container and threw in a serving of Granola Crisps, sunflower seed butter, and golden raisins. To be honest, I was so tired I don’t even remember eating this.

Next on my to do list: 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Surprisingly, the exercise took care of my headache! I felt so much better afterwards. I then talked to our leasing office (our lease is up at the end of January), walked to the post office, and got milk at TJ’s. It’s nice having a small to do list for once. ^_^

20121231-NOW 002

Around 2pm, I threw together a delicious but quick lunch. Romaine lettuce, last of my homemade Mexican pinto beans, 1/2 cup brown rice, shredded cheddar cheese, and green onions. I need to get out and buy more beans!

20121231-NOW 003

An hour or so later I got a little hungry so I had a snack of an almond windmill cookie and two PB&J cracker sandwiches with milk.

20121231-NOW 004

Since I was waiting for Chase for dinner tonight I ended up having another snack around 6pm. TJ’s social snackers and a bit of chive cheese. Nom nom. Then when Chase finally got home around 7pm we hit the road to pickup our New Year’s Eve traditional food: Chinese takeout!

20121231-NOW 006

Szechuan Chef is pretty much our go-to Chinese place nowadays. I tried their Mandarin Crispy Tofu this time and it was outstanding! I enjoyed it on a 1/2 cup brown rice and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. For a New Year’s Eve drink I had gin mixed with a sparkling cranberry beverage. The whole meal was delicious!

20121231-NOW 007

For New Year’s Eve Chase and I stayed in and played some video games together, snacked on caramel corn, watched LOTR: The Return of the King, and just snuggled on the couch with him watching me play the new obsession on my iPad: Candy Crush! It’s like Bejeweled and so very addictive. It was really great to just spend time together.

Anyway hope you are all having a wonderful New Year’s Day! I can’t believe it is 2013!

3 thoughts on “The End of 2012

  1. We watched LOTR Fellowship of the ring! I was in the mood to watch it, it was the first time my kids have seen it, it was funny because I got to tell my son Cyrus that his dad is named after the stories.. My husbands name is Rohan so he was like “that is so rad mom!” It was cool, they were totally into it 🙂 Were going to continue the trilogy tonight…
    I’m sorry to hear about the babies and the brake in! I’m just happy you are all safe, it’s so weird to think that our pets can suffer from PTSS but they have emotions just like we do, and their instinct for when things arent right.. Poor babies I hope they are both on the mend. Take care Robyn 🙂

    • That is so funny that you watched the same trilogy! That’s awesome that your kids get to experience it for the first time too. Have you taken them to The Hobbit?

      Thanks for your kind words, Heidi. I am hoping that the kittens are on their way to recovery now. 2013 can only be better!

      • Not yet, my husband and I went the weekend it came out, just not sure at the time that it would scare them… All things considered if they can handle the 1st movie, they will do great seeing The Hobbit, great movie..

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