So it was my very first New Year’s Day in my entire life without my Dad helping me make all the sushi! O.O Chase and I were a little intimidated…but it turned out great!

20130101-NOW 008

First off we slept in until noon. >.> The good news is that neither of us remember Vinni keeping us up last night, so perhaps he is doing better! Chase was determined to start the day off with a shot of sake. I was dreading it (due to too much sake consumption during my internship in Japan) but it actually was more pleasant than I expected!

20130101-NOW 009

While we got the rice cooker going, I had a small protein packed breakfast of a blueberry Chobani with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Mm mm. The kittens appreciate this yummy breakfast on the New Year. They are Chobani addicts!

20130101-NOW 010

While we cooked and ate and did absolutely everything today, we had a marathon going of the the newest Batman trilogy. In fact, we’re finishing the last one right now. It’s definitely my favorite.

20130101-NOW 011

After sake, we opened up Choya Umeshuu which I have been wanting to try for over a year now. Remember how my dad is making his own umeshu at home? Well I sent him a  bottle of this for Xmas so he has something to compare it to. =) With a lot of ice, it tastes almost exactly like the drink I feel in love with in Japan. I ended up having two small glasses over the course of the day.

20130101-NOW 012

The sushi making went very smoothly. We made two batches of rice, used my grandma’s recipe for sushi vinegar, stuffed inari (tofu pockets), rolled California rolls, made onigiri (rice balls), shiozake (salted salmon that we stuffed into the onigiri) and sunomono.

20130101-NOW 014

It turned out looking great, yes?

20130101-NOW 015

Sunomono, fresh mandarins, Wakame salad (made by the folks at Uwajimaya), and grapes for some freshness.

20130101-NOW 017

My plate that took me at least an hour to finish! I tried a little bit of everything. The wakame salad was probably my least favorite. The seaweed has a texture of squish noodles (which I hate!) and the taste of dashi.

20130101-NOW 001

Around 7pm, I felt like I could use some more fuel finally. I used up leftovers of Brussels sprouts and sage butter lentils along with some sunomono.

20130101-NOW 002

And then I found myself needing some cookies….so I had two almond windmill cookies with a 1/2 glass of 2% milk (gave the other half to Chase). 

I hope you all had an excellent New Year’s Day!!


2 thoughts on “Kanpai

  1. Wow Robyn, everything looks absolutely delicious!! Looks like you had an awesome day, and I’m happy to hear that Vinni is doing much better 🙂

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