Kitten PTSD

So…Vincent pretty much has kitty post-traumatic stress disorder. –_- I got maybe four hours of sleep last night due to him roaming the apartment crying his head off. I woke up feeling like crap. I feel really bad for the guy, but I just want some sleep!!! I ended up moving my strength training to tomorrow.

20121229-NOW 001

Instead, I made a quick breakfast of popped amaranth, dried tart cherries, ground flax, toasted almonds, and 2% milk. Love the toasty flavor but man are my breakfasts feeling uncreative.

Due to being soo tired, I decided a 2  mile walk to work in the brisk cold and drizzle would be good for  me.


I left my wallet at home, but managed to find enough in my purse for a ristretto doppio espresso with one raw sugar, 2” hot water, and half and half. It’s never tasted so good.


Around 1pm the doctor’s sweet boyfriend bought us all lunch from Whole Foods! Unfortunately…all of the sandwiches had meat. =/ Oh well, I grabbed a free small cookie and really did enjoy my lentils, brown rice, and cauliflower. I also took the Naked juice and grapes home for another day. ^_^ Yay free food!


At 4pm I was feeling pretty hungry so I ate my healthy snack of a Kashi Almond Square instead of more cookies or chocolate. I still don’t really care for this Kashi product, but it does the job.

20121229-NOW 002

For dinner around 6:30pm I had leftover spaghetti squash with marinara sauce cooked with green beans and onions and topped with some Meatless Meatballs. Enjoyed along with a glass of Naked Grape pino noir.

I really didn’t feel like this meal, but I refuse to waste good food! I really wanted beans or lentils. =P It’s funny how legumes are pretty much my new favorite thing.

For dessert I finished off this chocolate “orange” raspberry flavored. Curse you! Next year, it’s orange or nothing. I also munched on some air popped popcorn with Chase. ^_^

20121229-NOW 003

So what’s being done about Vinni? Well I called the vet today and got some advice so we stopped by Petco this evening and got him a calming collar. Going to put it on him before bed so hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight. Also bought him a new feather toy that he just loves! I want my little man to be better. =(

Have a goodnight (hopefully..)!


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