All Over the Place

My goodness! I’ve been so busy tonight playing with the most amazing and generous Xmas gift from my mother (which luckily arrived today instead of before the break in), I didn’t even notice it was after midnight and I hadn’t blogged yet!! (I will tell you more about the gift tomorrow when I’m not rushing!)

I did soo very much today. Mainly because I got up at 4am. >.> Don’t worry though, I felt well rested since I crashed last night at 8pm.

20121227-NOW 001

So around 4:30am I was scarfing down breakfast: Greek yogurt, last of the almond butter, a mushy banana, golden raisins, and a sprinkle of toasted raisins. Along with the rest of my very last eggnog latte. It felt really good to not be rushed at all.

20121227-NOW 002

With me awake and in the living room, Vincent could finally get some shut eye while protecting his littlest sister, Boo-Boo. Poor like tyke has been staying up all night, wandering the living room (where the break in occurred), and crying his head off. I only ever see him sleep when we’re out in the living room with him. =( I hope he recovers from this soon.


By 6am I figured I had time for a workout! 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.0 incline. It felt great, but I’m not going to lie to you all. I was afraid to leave the apartment while it was still dark out and walk the short distance to the gym. =/ I just don’t feel safe here now. I thought about carrying a knife or something…just in case. I didn’t though, but man did I book it there!

After working out, showering, and  paying some bills, I realized I had plenty of time to go donate blood at the hospital before I had to head to work. I always try to make it to the blood drive they hold there every two months.

I got in, the donation went great, I had fun chatting…


I sat down to refuel and….about passed out. =/ I ended up on the ground for 30 minutes with one of the techs taking my blood pressure and pulse over and over again. Turns out I’d eaten way too long ago. I ended up getting down a small gatorade, this bag of pretzel goldfish, and eventually, the cranberry juice. Man it’d been a long time since I’d had a bad reaction. It also made me 30 minutes late for work >.<


I wore my blood donation badge with pride all day. “Give blood. Get cookies.”


At noon I was very ready to eat lunch. I’d packed brown rice, homemade Mexican pinto beans topped with cheddar cheese and green onions. I also made myself eat the peach Chobani since I knew I needed the calories.


Around 4pm, I found myself needing a snack. I had two chocolates in between my healthier snack of a fruit rope and the last of the NatureBox Lemon Pucker Pistachios. Man I was just famished.

When I arrived home after work I shuffled some unpictured crackers and cheese in.


Then I headed to dinner for something I’ve never had before: conveyor belt sushi!! Brilliant! I loved it! Cheap, yummy, sushi that’s as fun to pick out as it is to eat. ^_^ I had 6 pieces of an avocado roll (somehow the picture deleted from my phone), 2 tamago pieces, and 4 pieces of a sweet potato roll. It was all delicious! And there were so many other things I wanted to try but I was just too full.

I went with some old Starbucks co-workers who were visiting town for the holidays so I had to text Chase right away and inform him we had to eat here again! My whole meal was only $6!


After dinner the group insisted on going to Dairy Queen for dessert. Well, I didn’t really feel like ice cream in December but I’m no party popper. I got a small cherry dipped cone and loved it. I should have just gotten a baby one though. =P

20121227-photo (2)

It was awesome getting to see my Starbucks co-workers again!

20121228-NOW 003

Once back home I got some really bad stomach cramps. =/ I choose to not believe it was from the sushi. I tried to quell it with some pinto beans and cheese…but only after taking my digestive enzymes did I start to feel better. Strange!

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost 1am and I don’t feel exhausted. O.O My body has done a lot today! Gnight!


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