It Gets Worse

I’d like to tell you all that even though Chase and I were stuck without our families this Xmas, that we had an absolutely wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, it managed to turn into the worst holiday ever right at the very end. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

First off, I had the worst night of sleep ever! We went to bed super early, 10am, because we were trying to get our sleep schedules back on track and I was actually quite exhausted. However, only two hours later Ophelia awoke me with her plastic chewing addiction and ever since that I was wide awake. Seriously. I stared at the ceiling. The hours crawled by. Finally I managed a few hours of sleep before 7:30am.

20121225-NOW 001

Then, while we waited for Chase’s parents to Skype (we got to open presents with them via web cam!) I made breakfast. My mother used to make us those super easy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for Xmas breakfast when I was young, so feeling nostalgic I got them for Chase and I. I ate two and Chase ate the rest of the batch! I also had some yummy scrambled eggs with cheddar and some steamed cauliflower with a tad of butter and S&P. It was a delicious breakfast.

Opening presents with Chase’s parents was fun. They sweetly got me a rockin’ slow cooker so I can start experimenting with making my own beans! I also got a gorgeous set of black salt water pearl earrings and necklace from Chase and a really cute Hello Kitty makeup set from Chase’s cousin who had me for Secrete Santa.

20121225-NOW 007

I tried to surprise Chase with his gift this year but he figured it out again. >.< Damnit! I really thought I had him this time. I got him his favorite painting, The Great Wave at Kanagawa, on a canvas. Plus, these hilarious Domo-kun slippers! Those at least he didn’t expect.

20121225-NOW 006

After chatting with my own family late into the afternoon, I eventually made a small lunch of half a banana with crunchy peanut butter and a small bowl of French lentils with sage butter. These lentils were surprisingly easy to make and packed a wallop of flavor!

Next, we were off to see my all time favorite play, at the movies! Les Miserables opened today and ever since seeing the preview I have been yearning to see it. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed. The sound quality wasn’t there so the music wasn’t powerful enough to move me. Still though, a decent movie. I teared up but didn’t end up sobbing like I thought I would.

I should also mention that I did partake in some movie theater popcorn without butter. And I’m glad I did because dinner was late!

20121225-NOW 010

After the movie we headed back to Waylon’s apartment to make dinner! I enjoyed this big glass of red wine while I cooked up my famous Brussels sprouts (famous because everyone who eats them suddenly loves Brussels.)

20121225-NOW 013

While we waited on the turkey, we got to play with Waylon’s babies. You  may remember Lucy from her 4th birthday party.

20121225-NOW 014

And her brother, Linus! What cute quirky dogs. I hope someday when I have a puppy I get as lucky.

20121225-NOW 018

Around 9pm, all the food was finally ready. I had Brussels sprouts with garlic and craisins, French lentils with sage butter, mashed potatoes, Italian green beans, and a little nub of cranberry walnut bread. Holy huge amount of food! I ended up giving some of my Brussels and potatoes to Chase.

20121225-NOW 019

For dessert, Waylon had made a Buttermilk Pie! It was really interesting. Egg custard taste…a little corny. A bit too sweet for my blood too.

And then it happened. Our Xmas became the worst one ever.

20121226-NOW 021

We came home to find that our apartment had been broken into, some of our stuff was stolen (iPod, xBox, Play Station, jewelry, coin collections, money), and my baby girl was hiding for dear life in the corner on top of the refrigerator. I’ve never been so scared for my children in my life. They are both fine, but very shaken. So are Chase and I. I don’t know if we’ll sleep a wink tonight. The police have been by, a claim made, now we just need to try and get in contact with our renter’s insurance tomorrow. =/ Not how I wanted to spend my Xmas night.

We just keep telling ourselves that it could have been way worse. Hell, they didn’t even take my laptop! But still, I feel unsafe in my own home now. That’s never a fun feeling.

20121226-NOW 022

To help us calm down we cleaned up the mess (things were thrown about) and broke open a raspberry chocolate “orange”. I call it an “orange” because that’s what it should be and what it looks like but it’s raspberry flavored! We looked everywhere for an orange one because that’s what my mom used to get us every year for Xmas. Alas, we found none.

20121226-NOW 023

The babies are doing alright now that we’re home to protect them. They had an extra special dinner that Santa brought them in their stockings of sea bass and shrimp.


And to try and remind myself that not all Xmas are liked this: This is a photo of my sister and I with the best Xmas present I’ve ever gotten. =) I don’t think I even asked for it! It was a pink kitty that had three babies that you could Velcro inside of her…sounds strange yes, but I loved that cat. I named her “Pink Kitty” and I’d say she’s the closet thing to a security blanket I ever had.

Well, I hope you all had a merry Christmas. Be safe!


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