Done with the Season

Thank you to all the people who have been so supportive and comforting during this awful time. We’ve got the necessary paperwork in motion so hopefully this awful holiday won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

20121226-NOW 001

Last night none of us got any sleep. Ophelia was constantly staring at the window (that the burglars broke into) in fear. Eventually, I got a few hours of shut eye from 7-10am. I awoke with the baby, under the covers, encircling my feet. =( She only ever sleeps under the covers when she is very very frightened.

20121226-NOW 003

But first before I was able to fall asleep, I fed my growling stomach some “breakfast”. Popped amaranth, ground flax, dried tart cherries, toasted almonds, and 2% milk. Love. Sorry all my food photos will be taken in my dirty kitchen. We’re kind of avoiding the window right now.

With only 3 hours of sleep, working out was out. I was just too zombiefied. Neither Chase nor I felt like leaving our apartment either. I did tell our property management about the break in and they were shocked. It’s really not a common thing around here. They did send out the handy man to our apartment to fix the window and door though.

20121226-NOW 004

By 11am I was starving for lunch. A quick reheat of tomato, basil, and mozzarella whole wheat pasta with alfredo sauce and steamed Brussels sprouts did the trick. I watched over Chase while he managed to get a few hours of sleep on the couch, and I painstakingly tracked down the serial numbers on the items that were stolen. I now fully believe in registering all products.

To attempt to lighten the mood, we received the UPS packages we missed on Monday! My amazing cousins, Chris, Gloria, and Raiden sent me some Xmas music to try and get me in the holiday spirit. =) Got it a little too late….I silently removed every last piece of holiday flare from the apartment this morning, but I look forward to hearing it next year. (Thank you guys so much!) Chase said “This is the quickest I’ve ever seen you take down the holiday lights…” I normally try and get him to let me leave them up till February. This year, I just want this season to be over and done with.


Which includes having the very last eggnog latte. ~.^ We made a quick trip to Home Depot to buy some dowels to block all the windows and doors by keeping them from sliding and made a pit stop for (hopefully) my last Starbucks in a long time. I had a free Grande drink card, so I ordered an extra hot, ristretto, nonfat eggnog latte. I drank about half of it and saved the rest for tomorrow.

(It’s crazy how much a little piece of wood can make you feel that much safer. Last night, without them, I felt like anyone and everyone could just walk into our apartment.)

20121226-NOW 005

For dinner I used my brand spanking new slow cooker to make Mexican Pinto Beans! I cut the recipe by a ton, and therefore only eyeballed the spices, so it turned out a little under seasoned, but mmm is it good! I enjoyed it with some brown rice, a pinch of Mexican cheese blend, and some green onions.

I’m so excited for the world of home cooked beans. ^_^

20121226-NOW 006

For dessert I munched on a good old banana and peanut butter.

It’s not even 8pm and I can hardly keep my eyes opened. I think I’m going to turn in early since I do have a day of work tomorrow. Night everyone


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