The Pub

Oh boy. Today we slept in until 12:30pm! O.O Yes that’s right. I was exhausted and had really strange dreams.


For breakfast, I had a delicious bowl of Greek yogurt, Naturebox Wild Blueberry Flax Granola (yay this one tastes good!), ground flax, 1/2 banana, and a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Enjoyed next to the beautiful orchid Chase bought me for Solstice yesterday. ❤

Since we woke up so late my eating was really off today, of course. Shortly after breakfast I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride, followed by my weekly Saturday strength training. It felt so good to sweat and give it my all again.

20121222-NOW 003

Around 4pm I was suddenly feeling famished so I reheated the last of my Pagliacci pizza. I’m glad I ate it too because dinner wouldn’t be until very late tonight.

20121222-NOW 004

Eventually I did succumb to just a small nibble of Xmas treats. I don’t normally like fudge, but Jaycee’s homemade chocolate pecan fudge is amazing. Just one piece.


And then finally around 9pm we were down at Juanita Pub for a night of socializing. This pub is actually right next to my work! It was decked out in Xmas décor, which I enjoyed.


I intended to hardly drink tonight…but intentions are not always followed. I ended up having two gin & tonics and 1/2 glass of a pino noir. (I gave away the other half because I just didn’t want another sip!)


We also partook in some bar food for dinner around 9:30pm: nachos, quesadilla, and onion rings! Had nibbles of all of it. No it wasn’t that good that I’d go back and order it again, but in the heat of the moment it hit the spot.

We stayed and chatted at the pub with Waylon (Chase’s boss), his boyfriend, Joey, Melissa (another of Chase’s co-workers), and Melissa’s friend, Tami, until about midnight. Then us old folks were ready to go home. It was a lot of laughs and fun, and every time I hang out with these people I get to know them a little better. ❤

20121223-NOW 005

Once Chase and I got back home I ate two Windmill cookies to help soak up a little alcohol, and chugged a whole water bottle of water. I want to feel none of this tomorrow!!


Well only two more days until Xmas! Look at the look on my face in this one….Haha little Robyn didn’t know how useful an umbrella would someday be!

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