Change of Plans

So I’m not sure how apparent it has been in all my posts lately, but the majority of my time during this “holiday vacation” has been spent sitting around, depressed, and bored. Sometimes I find myself picking at holiday sweets or just wanting to go back to bed to give myself something to do. Well, today, started off that way.

20121223-NOW 00120121223-NOW 004

Delicious breakfast of popped amaranth, banana, ground flax, dried cherries, and toasted almonds.  Man I love this cereal!! I know some of you were thinking about getting some and trying it and to that I say “Do it now!” You’ll never want to buy a sugar-loaded box of cereal again. This is whole grain at it’s best!

Then I sat around watching the second half of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I tried to convince myself to go workout, but my body just wasn’t ready.

20121223-NOW 005-2

Around noon I ate an almond windmill cookie with a tiny glass of 2%. If I were to ever make a Trader Joe’s gift basket filled with my favorite things, this would be in it.

Next I found myself taking a nap with Chase in bed. Like I said, we’re melancholy and bored. Just as I was drifting off to sleep Chase got a text message from Waylon and said to me “Wanna go to IHOP, Target, and Trader Joe’s?” I whipped off the covers, said “Hell ya!”, and jumped in the shower.


Before we knew it we were with Waylon and Joey, in Sammamish, getting lunch at IHOP! Normally I get the Simple & Fit Veggie Omelette which has oven-roasted tomatoes inside that just give it amazing flavor! However, I was stupid and didn’t read the entire descriptions and ordered the Simple & Fit Spinach, Mushroom, & Tomato omelette. Bleh! It had no flavor! I forced myself to eat half along with my whole wheat toast with jam. We also had such terribly slow service I ended up drinking three cups of coffee! Our whole meal was 1.5 hours long O.O.

For the rest of the day we had fun holiday shopping at Target, Trader Joe’s, and even Safeway. We got all the ingredients for our Xmas dinner (Waylon and Joey are so sweetly taking us in for the day) and a few last minute presents to boot.

20121223-NOW 014

Like this Hello Kitty Hot Air Popcorn Maker!! Joey got it for me because it cracked him up so much to imagine it sitting on our kitchen counter. ^_^ Perfect gift, if I do say so myself. No more funky microwave popcorn chemicals! Tried it out too, and it works like a charm.


Check it! Candy holder, toaster, popcorn maker, and waffle maker! Kapow!!

20121223-NOW 006

While at TJ’s I gave into some of the cravings I’ve been having lately and picked up some Social Crackers and Tintern Creamy Cheddar with Chives & Shallots. When we got home, I knew I needed something while my dinner cooked (I was having really bad stomach pains), so I dug in. HOLY YUM. This cheese is awesome! Tons of flavor.

20121223-NOW 007

For my actual meal I had the last of the TJ’s Orange “Chicken” morsels with steamed Brussels sprouts. That’s right. I got a few fresh veggies!

Well today was a total surprise, I actually had a good time! Sure I didn’t get my workout in, but you know what, instead I did a butt-load of good for my emotional health instead. No staring at the ceiling today. =)


I’m not gonna lie. When Chase and I were at the mall the other day we thought about getting our pictures taken with Santa to get us in the holiday mood. ^_^ We didn’t but man do I remember how exciting it was when we were kids!


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