Getting By

Arg. Well I didn’t wake up feeling 100% better. In fact, I woke up with the back of my head hurting like crazy. Not migraine/headache type pain, but more of a congested pressure feeling. Bleh.

20121218-NOW 001

I had a simple breakfast of a toasted whole grain English muffin with sunflower seed butter, Jaycee’s raspberry jam, and ground flax plus the last glass of 2% milk. To amp up my vitamin C intake I also had a very rare orange. Normally oranges make me kind of sick, but today it was much appreciated.


Ophie and I spent the morning reading and watching Big Bang Theory. I talked to her about how we’re going to be gone for a whole week so she pretty much snuggled me and sulked all day.

20121218-NOW 002

Around 1pm, I suddenly realized I was hungry. I reheated a bowl of green beans, baked beans, and TJ’s Meatless Meatballs. Still complete bliss.

Water sounded too cold today and to be honest the thought of it was repulsive. So instead I forced myself to drink herbal tea. Fluid intake definitely not normal but hey, at least I got some in. 

After another hour of reading The Jungle Effect and waiting for my head to feel better I finally just said screw it and hit the gym. 60 minutes hill stationary bike ride while finishing(!) The Jungle Effect! Yay. And honestly, my head stopped hurting the moment I started exercising. Sadly, it came back when I stopped. >.<

20121218-NOW 004

All showered and feeling sick again, I had a sudden craving for a peach Chobani with sunflower seed butter. Immediately after consuming it however, I went right down hill just like yesterday. =/ Nausea and chills. Ug. I climbed into bed and took an hour nap.

When Chase got home, he fed me a little chocolate (one of those chocolate covered fruit things that are popular at this time of year) and I felt 50x better. It was odd.

20121218-NOW 010

After a lot of packing (playing Tetris in my suitcase with presents), we finally ate dinner around 7:30pm. I reheated the whole wheat pasta, green beans, and alfredo sauce and tossed in some more Meatless Meatballs. Really warming and filling.

For dessert I had a cup of no sugar added hot cocoa and a lollipop.

Tomorrow’s meals may suck a little bit since the fridge is super bare now! I’m also not 100% sure I’ll have tomorrow’s post done before we leave for the bus stop. If I don’t, I’ll post as soon as I get to Missoula, MT! Gnight!


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