Today was a mega lonnngg day. I felt like I was running on empty. It started with me stumbling out of bed at 7am…

20121214-NOW 002

Showering and enjoying this bowl of puffed amaranth (1 cup), 2% milk, dried tart cherries, ground flax, and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Popping my own amaranth is seriously my new favorite cereal! It’s got such an amazing toasted nutty flavor. ❤

Next activity in my very long day: I walked to the hospital to do my very first dietary tray delivery shift! It went..okay. The trays that go over the beds are a b**tch to maneuver. Hopefully I’ll only get better at it. Overall though, it feels like a waste of time. I’m not getting much out of it as far as nutrition clinical hours go.

After the hospital I went straight to work via car.


Once I arrived I grabbed myself an 8oz latte at Urban Coffee Lounge. Creamy and delicious. I keep telling myself it’s better to support this local coffee place than Starbucks, but sometimes it’s really hard to get simpler drinks than the drinks I’m used to (Ya know, knowing how many pumps/shots of stuff, ect.).


By noon, I was soo ready for lunch. Eating super early in the morning will do that me. I ended up having a really measly lunch though. >.< This 1.5 cup container was filled half with red potato colcannon and half with sautéed rainbow chard, plus a few pieces of BBQ tempeh. Well…when I cooked the rainbow chard it was pretty much past it’s time…and cooking it didn’t improve it. I ended up just eating the potato/cabbage, tempeh, blueberry Chobani and a kiwi.


A few hours later I ate one chocolate from the See’s chocolate box…


Then a few hours after that I was sooo hungry and tired I went back to the Lounge and got a 12 oz eggnog latte plus (due to a very convincing sales man..) a 1/2 price everything bagel! I drank/ate half of both and put them in the fridge for tomorrow. As much as I wished I’d not been a push over and avoided the bagel, I was glad I had it to eat because I was seriously famished.

20121214-NOW 003

When I got home a bit after 6pm I was still ready to eat dinner. I reheated spinach tortellini, alfredo sauce, and sautéed the last of the Russian green kale. Delicious.

20121214-NOW 004

Guess what came in the mail today! My December NatureBox! I kind of am in love with this service. Healthy snacks right to my door without me having to make any decisions. ^_^

20121214-NOW 005

For dessert I tried one out: Masa Crisps! Corny, flaxseed, salty goodness. ❤ Plus a glass of milk.

Okay and to keep myself honest I also picked at more toffee. >.< I’m vowing right here to give the second container of it to my mom. (Mom hold me to that!) The toffee was delicious and toffee is some of my favorite candy, but I don’t need two gift containers filled with them.

Anyway, I feel like my eating was really off today due to being so hungry. Perhaps too long between meals? Tomorrow will be a better day.

What’s your absolute favorite holiday treat?

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