I was up early this morning to get in a 30 minute interval treadmill run at 0.5 incline. To be honest, I really wasn’t in the mood for it but, of course, once I was done I was sooo glad I did it.

20121210-NOW 001

Then I made sure I had a cold breakfast of pumpkin overnight oats topped with almond butter, toasted almonds, and craisins to help cool me off.


I worked at the office in Bellevue today and my lovely co-worker, Gretchen, bought me a latte! With as tired as I was and knowing that I was going to be on the phone doing recalls all day long made me go for a tall nonfat eggnog latte. I drank every drop of it with pleasure.

I may be ticked at Starbucks for cutting back on their loyal customer rewards and wanting to boycott them, but damn they are convenient!


With the eggnog keeping me going, I didn’t take lunch until about 1pm. Leftover red potato colcannon topped with some white beans and a big side of grapes.

Around 4pm I had a planned snack of NatureBox Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds. However, I think I waited  too late to eat them. >.< Chase and I were at the mall after work to finish off xmas shopping, and I was still getting very dizzy and faint. =/

20121210-NOW 002

The moment we got home around 7pm I reheated tons of leftovers and ate! The last slice of Rock pizza, other half of my Red Robin burger, and some steamed broccolini. Devoured. Honestly, I ate too fast but I was so famished I didn’t care.

20121210-NOW 004

I followed dinner with dessert. Does Vinni’s face give you a clue to what I had?

20121210-NOW 008

0% Strawberry Chobani with a spoonful of sunflower seed butter! Yep. Chobani is their absolute favorite Greek yogurt. I always let them lick the bowl when I’m done. They are pretty psyched that Costco is selling their variety packs again!

Later I still was craving dairy (no clue why…) so I also had a small glass of 2% milk. So simple and delicious.

Well tomorrow I’m by myself all day at the Juanita office. Hopefully I can get a lot of blog work done. ~.^ Have a goodnight!

What’s your favorite brand of Greek yogurt?


2 thoughts on “Chobani

  1. I love chobani for the flavors, but for 0% greek would have to be Fage, I love the texture compared to other brands.. I use to really love TJ’s but to me it seems kinda gritty??? Anyway I go greek all the way, so much protein.
    Vinnis tie is killing me sooo cute!

    • I agree with you on the Fage. Great texture! When it comes to plain nonfat Greek yogurt I usually just eat the Costco brand. Its just too good a deal! Have you tried it yet?

      I know I keep having to stop what I’m doing to stare at Vinni in all his cuteness!

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