Relaxation Event

Sunday is normally one my days at home with the babies, getting studying done, and enjoying a little of me time. Not this Sunday though!

20121209-NOW 001

I was up at 8:30am because I surprisingly couldn’t sleep anymore. With extra time, I decided to make a batch of hot pumpkin oatmeal topped with a spoonful of almond butter and dried cranberries.

At 10:30am the nutritionist I’ve been shadowing on Friday nights (I’m still gonna write a post on her practice soon!), Carole, picked me up and we headed to the Country Village in Bothell for our groups final make-over/relaxation day!

20121209-NOW 008

First off, this Country Village is  a super cute little place filled with old looking buildings and cutesy shops. They even have roosters that roam the whole property! I’d love to come back sometime and browse.


Carole very sweetly bought me an espresso! I decided to try something totally different: 12 oz nonfat cherry cordial mocha. It was pretty yummy, but not something I’d order again. Just a touch too sweet!

20121209-NOW 002

When we had all our vendors setup the event looked pretty darn good. Mary Kay consultants with their products for the makeup part.

20121209-NOW 003

Professional photographer for after they were all dolled up.

20121209-NOW 005

Foot soaks and ear acupuncture for relaxation.

20121209-NOW 007

Yes you read that right, ear acupuncture! I gave it a try since I’ve never ever experienced acupuncture before. However, the acupuncturist says he must not have put the needles deep enough because I was in a lot of uncomfortable pressure so he took them out. Ouch! I’m sure other people get a lot out of this art but my ears still hurt.


After 2pm, I realized I wasn’t going to last until the end of the event without lunch. I’d brought my own but had no where to reheat it so I went to a near by shop and bought some split pea soup (vegetarian! I made sure.) and a huge lemon sugar cookie. Everyone had been raving about these cookies so I couldn’t pass it up. I ate about half and saved the rest for later.

We finally wrapped up the event at 4pm and the moment I got back home I threw on my workout clothes and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike workout. My new book is so riveting the time just flew by! I’m going to be sad when it’s over.

20121209-NOW 010

For dinner I reheated two slices of The Rock pizza and ate a salad of cabbage, goat cheese, white beans, and a touch of pepper ranch dressing. Nom nom. It’s funny how much I am loving cabbage salads! They just have such lovely crunch.

20121209-NOW 012

After dinner the kittens got their xmas gifts early!! (Because Chase and I couldn’t wait any longer and we won’t be with them for the holidays anyway.) Vinni was psyched to see he got a tie that’s his size. ^_^

20121209-NOW 023

He looks so intelligent! ~.^

20121209-NOW 017

And Ophie’s a little princess in her warm winter cape. I’m sure they’ll surprise me with a cute posing together in their new gear soon (like last year!).

Chase and I are trying to get the apartment tidied and our clothes clean for the upcoming week. I’m working a ton! (Good for money, bad for relaxing!) I finished off my cookie with a cup of milk for dessert too by the way. Honestly, not my favorite cookie!


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