Hmm somehow today was slightly better than yesterday. I think it was just because I was so busy I didn’t have much time for thinking. Before I knew it this morning my alarm was going off and I was tumbling out of bed to put on my workout clothes. Strength training ensued.

20121208-NOW 001

When I got back to the apartment I blended up yet another PMS Smoothie. However, once it was poured into an old pizza cup, I realized there was no way this was going to keep me fueled until lunch! Hastily, I toasted a whole wheat English muffin and slathered it with almond butter and orange marmalade. Crisis averted!

I ate breakfast with the adorable holiday card of one of my new cousins, Elise! I can’t wait to meet her this coming summer along with another addition to the family, Evan. Our family has almost doubled in size with all the weddings and babies!

I took the bus to work today because I really thought it was gonna rain. =/ It did, but only once I got off the bus..Oh well. My feet still hurt at the end of the day.


Work this morning was pretty busy so I didn’t end up having lunch until 1pm. (I did have about 6 oz of drip coffee though) This food may not be very photogenic but it tasted amazing! Last night in my funk, I cooked up this Red Potato Colcannon recipe. Pretty much onion, cabbage, and potatoes cooked with some milk and mashed together! It’s got some serious flavor. For more protein, I sprinkled on some white beans and for dessert I had a pear.

This hearty yet not overly filing meal kept me from feeling snacky my whole afternoon. O.O Impressive.


After work, my amazing coworker Jaycee (I keep talking about how amazing she is and I mean it! This lady deserves some holiday cookies…), dropped me off at Target in Woodinville so I could make it to the pharmacy before they closed. What a lifesaver!

While browsing Target and waiting for Chase to come pick me up there, I ended up buying some Kashi Banana Chocolate Chip Chewy Bars and was so hungry I ate one right in the store. Sadly, I wanted to put the box back but I am no thief so I dutifully bought them anyway. They are a bit dry and a little carboardie tasting. Still, not bad in a emergency!

After Target, Costco, and Petco, Chase and I decided to have one dinner out just the two of us.


We went to Red Robin, of course. ^_^ We Washingtonians(!) are obsessed with it. (Seriously, 36 locations in the state, and hey, it was born here.) Since we are awesome Red Royalty members (free rewards program) we got a free strawberry shake to split! I drank about half of my half, but then gave the rest to Chase. The sweetness was getting to me. Sadly, he wouldn’t let me take a picture of him looking like a fat kid downing shakes! (It’s funny cause he’s so scrawny…)


For dinner I got the A.1. Peppercorn burger (melted Pepper-Jack cheese, A.1. Peppercorn Spread, crispy onion straws and fresh tomato) with a Gardenburger patty, whole grain bun, sweet potato fries, and cut in half (easier to portion and take home leftovers).

It was pretty tasty though I wish I’d added lettuce to it for something fresh and crisp. I ate half and all my fries. O.O

20121208-NOW 002

Once we got home I put away the groceries and opened up my xmas present to myself: Snapware Glass Tupperware! This baby was only $30 at Costco and exactly what I was looking for. Glass, leak proof, microwave and dishwasher safe, and in a variety of little sizes. I can’t wait to start using them. My $3 IKEA Tupperware is on it’s last leg.

Are you a Tupperware nut like me?


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