Eating my Emotions

Well I finally caved and created a Facebook Page for Blueberries and Oats! Please check it out and give it a Like if you have the time. ^_^ I’m going to use it to alert you all to knew posts, share fun and interesting information I find, and of course, share giveaways!

On to the real late post. To be honest, yesterday I was in a real bleh mood. No I was not sick or anything, it was nothing physical. Just relationship issues and not knowing how to deal with them.

20121207-NOW 021

I started the morning off with a light breakfast. 1/2 cup puffed amaranth, toasted almonds, dried tart cherries, ground flax, and 2%. I’m really loving this 100% whole grain cereal!


I had work today down in Juanita so I packed a simple lunch of cabbage Caesar salad with goat cheese, a slice of Rock pizza, and a ripe pear.

Normally after eating one gets warmed up but I was surprised by how cold I was!


To warm up, I grabbed a shot drip coffee with a little splash of whole milk and a raw sugar from Starbucks across the street. They may not have free syrups anymore but at least there is still free refills! I just brought in an old cup…~.^


Knowing that I wasn’t done with work until 6pm should have prompted me to pack a healthy snack but I didn’t. >.< Finally, after a piece of chocolate from the chocolate drawer, and complaining about hunger, I dug into my purse and found my emergency bar! This smooshed Luna Peanut Honey Pretzel bar has been in there awhile! I scarfed it down. It tasted okay…which makes me wonder how it would taste had I not been super hungry. =P

20121207-NOW 022

When I got home I bumbled about the apartment for a bit in a depressed state. Finally, Chase tried to cheer me up with having dinner together. He finished off his leftover pizza while I reheated whole wheat penne, parsley pesto, broccolini, and some white beans. Yum. I’m really loving beans and this pesto. In fact, I made a new batch just last night.

That’s right, to help myself feel better I cooked a few dishes last night to prepare for the big work week I’ve got coming up. I also ended up eating a huge bowl of puffed amaranth cereal. I’ve just been craving milk. I wonder if that has to do with my lady days…

Anyway finally, after cooking, eating way too much cereal, and chatting with my sister on the phone, I made myself get my butt to the gym at 10pm! 60 minutes hill stationary biking ensued and it felt good. I’m so glad I did it and ya know, it did make me feel a little better too.


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