Wow yesterday was just full of so many things I didn’t have time to write about it until now!

20121206-NOW 001

It started with a big bowl of puffed amaranth (1 cup) with 2% milk, toasted walnuts, and dried tart cherries. Surprisingly yummy and filling with it’s toasty flavor.


Then it was off to my very last day of finals for the Fall quarter. Only had the Whole Foods Production group project left to do and it went super well. In fact, it was our groups best meal yet. We actually were able to work together and there was zero drama.

We made Thai pumpkin curry with crispy tempeh, brown rice, an Asian cabbage and arugula salad, and a vanilla ginger cream flan. Our instructor was super impressed! I hope we scored very well. 


My group!

I wasn’t hungry when our food was ready so I took my lunch home and ate it with Chase around 1pm.


Then it was off to the vet with the babies! This was their first time ever going to a new vet, but they did very very well. The doctor and technicians were all very impressed with how calm they were. Both are very healthy and now have their vaccines up to date. ^_^


After we dropped them back off home we hit the road to Tacoma! It was a solid hour and a half drive, and around 4pm I tucked into a snack I’d packed: NatureBox garlic pumpkin seeds.

20121206-NOW 002

We had a little time to waste so we went to the Tacoma mall and walked around looking for Xmas gifts. I grabbed a tall ristretto 1/2 pumps mocha, nonfat, no whip, Salted Caramel Mocha since I was freezing and knew I’d be up very late tonight. Why so late?

20121207-NOW 017

Because Chase and I had free tickets to go see How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular!

20121206-NOW 004

We went with absolutely no expectations so we were quiet pleased with the show. Visually it is breath-taking and the dragons seriously look real. All the children around us (the majority of the audience) we’re in awe.

So how did we get these awesome free tickets?

20121206-NOW 015

Well my sister’s boyfriend, Jim, works on the show and has been touring the world with them for almost a year now! Chase and Jim were also on a bowling team together in high school, so we were both super psyched to see him! He’s seriously one of the most genuine and funny people in the world.

20121206-NOW 016

We even got free backstage passes and insights into the show courtesy of Jim. We heard all about how the mechanics work and all the funny and interesting mistakes that have happened throughout the shows long run.

20121206-NOW 014

We even got to stand on the stage!

20121206-NOW 009

And meet the dragons! Seriously, this show is touring all over the US and if you have kids it’s most definitely worth seeing. Check out their site for info.

20121207-NOW 018

After our tour, we headed out for a very late dinner (it was about 10:30pm!). I scooped out The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits for us since it was open late and looked simply amazing.

20121207-NOW 019

Soo hungry, we started with Garlic Mozz Bread that was seriously the best cheese bread I’ve ever eaten. I ate three pieces!

20121207-NOW 020

For pizza we got two:

  • California Dreamin’ : White sauce, chicken, fresh pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, and mozzarella.
  • Crazy Little Thing: tomato sauce, white onions, green pepper, mushrooms, and crushed garlic.

I had two slices of the Crazy Little Thing and it was delicious! I also got a little peck of the pesto pizza (no chicken area) and it was crazy good. Bridge Pizza good? No…but it was up there!

Chase and I had such a fun time catching up with Jim and hearing his amazing adventures, we were so sad how fast the night was over. =( Alas, we had to pile back in the car and drive back home to get some sleep. Thank you so much Jim for the amazing time!


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