Where’s the Relief?

I finished my final exam today…all I have left is a cooking presentation group project tomorrow. And yet…I’m not feeling any relief. If anything, I feel even more tense. =( I don’t think it’s supposed to happen like this.

20121205-NOW 001

My morning, again, started off with a rude awakening from an interesting dream. I was very upset it was already time to get up.

For breakfast I kept it light with a smoothie I found on Pinterest:


Sounds perfect yes? I skipped the chocolate syrup and put a little chocolate grinds on top. It was delicious and nice and cold. Just like I like my breakfast. ^_^


I kept it unusually light because we were having a cultural potluck on the very last day of my Cultural Perspectives on Foods class. I tried little bites of so many things: senbei (Japanese rice crackers brought by me), Ube (sweet potato) cake (which I gave to Danae..I hate cake texture!), pig ear (it’s a pastry!), persimmon, Satsuma with cinnamon and honey, jicama salad, coconut Filipino thing, brown sugar pumpkin, rusk bread with bruschetta, guacamole and chips, and mochi.  Nom nom. I had plenty of fuel for my organic chemistry final which I think went pretty decent.

From school, Danae drove me all the way to Bellevue to Maggiano’s where my work was having a holiday lunch. I make sure I get to free meals! Luckily, I had my coworker order while I wasn’t there, because I basically got there in time for a few bites of my grilled salmon salad (Mixed greens with grilled marinated salmon, grape tomatoes, green beans, red onions, linguine crisps and balsamic honey mustard dressing) before I boxed it up to head to work. Can I just say that it’s probably the best salmon salad I’ve ever eaten?

That’s right, I’m back to working Wednesday nights! And boy did I get hungry. I picked at some more rice crackers and a few small cookies…

20121205-NOW 002

And then as soon as I got home a little before 7 (I got off early!) I chowed down. I finished off my salad (P.s. no really beautiful restaurant photo of it because my smartphone is now eating a photo daily…) and heated up some whole wheat penne with parsley pesto.

20121205-NOW 004

Still famished I also toasted an English muffin and slathered it with almond butter and orange marmalade plus a class of 2% milk to wash it down.

20121205-NOW 005

And yet I was still hungry so I also had a free Siggi’s Icelandic style skyr (yogurt) pomegranate and passion fruit flavor with a little toasted almonds. Holy moly. You’d think after all these instances I’d still learn not to let myself get famished. Whoops. >.<

After this gorging I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride! I just got a new library book on my Kindle that I’ve been waiting forever for so the time just flew by!

Tomorrow, I’m planning my meals a little better. =P


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