Finals + Lady Days

Bleh! I was up way too early on my day off. >.< 7am came way too fast. I was so confused when I first awoke it even took me a moment to figure out why I was getting up in the first place..oh yeah. Hospital.

20121204-NOW 001

I made a quick breakfast of a toasted English muffin (one half with almond butter/orange marmalade, one with sunflower seed butter/raspberry jam) and a juicy pear. Nom nom. Then I booked it to the hospital for my first day shadowing another volunteer on dietary tray deliveries. It’s gonna be pretty darn easy but I’m still afraid of people yelling at me!

20121204-NOW 004

When I got back home I hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill run at 1.0 incline. It felt so good to sweat and just concentrate on moving my legs. Afterwards, however, I found myself really hungry and it wasn’t even 11am. >.< I ate a mini sleeve of Saltines with almond butter and orange marmalade. Finals + Lady Days = lots of carbs.

20121204-NOW 003

For lunch I made some whole wheat penne to go with my freshly made parsley pesto (made with toasted almonds instead of pine nuts). Enjoyed with some steamed broccolini! The parsley pesto was surprisingly delicious!


Next I booked it to the near by Starbucks and, yes, reloaded my card a tiny bit, and got a Grande nonfat egg nog latte. I knew I needed lots of caffeine today and needed to be in a location where I could really really concentrate. It worked perfectly. I was there almost 4 hours cramming for organic chemistry and sipping on my nog.

On my way home I made a stop by Trader Joe’s for some much needed milk and beans.


Dinner wasn’t until about 8pm due to having some guests over to meet our pets since they’ll be taking care of them while we’re gone this Xmas. As soon as they were out the door I reheated some spaghetti squash and veggie marinara sauce and added some white beans. Mmm mm! (I ended up throwing half the spaghetti squash in the photo out since it was some I’d frozen and thawed and just had the texture of slime…) I also made some garlic cheese bread with 1/2 a demi baguette. Chase liked it so much I made him one too. ^_^

Speaking of beans, I’ve started taking some daily essential enzymes before each meal and I feel like they’ve really helped! I haven’t had any stomach pains since. (P.s. If you need to make any vitamin/supplement purchases I recommend! They have really decent prices and do lots of BOGO (buy one get one). Let me know if you want a referral code that saves you $10!)


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