Worst Final Ever.

Bleh. Today has been pretty much a failure of a day. It started off with me snoozing my alarm because I’d had such horrible sleep. I had a dream where I stood in line for hours in order to pay my credit card bill only to be told I couldn’t actually pay it in person. You had to do it online. –_- Then I was awoken super early due to it being my lady days…and then Ophie almost jumped in the toilet so I had to save her and ended up scratching my own leg! It bled all over. Yes, I wanted more sleep.

20121203-NOW 001

After an additional half hour of rest I got up and made breakfast: hot pumpkin oatmeal with almond butter, craisins, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Warm, comforting goodness.


During finals week at Bastyr, they try to provide us with free healthy snacks so of course Danae and I weren’t going to turn down free food! I munched on free trail mix through Organic chemistry tutorial…


And then wasn’t really hungry for my lunch. I ate my cabbage Caesar salad with goat cheese and croutons, a free Oreo, and these delicious grapes. I just couldn’t fit in my spaghetti squash with veggie marinara sauce.

Once lunch was over, I had probably the worst final of my life and I know there isn’t anything I could have done differently. I don’t think I’ve scored a C on an exam in ages…but the tests in this A&P class are worded so tricky and with vocabulary we’re not exposed to that it is just impossible to do well, in my opinion. Hopefully my good A&P lab grade will bring up my overall score.

20121203-NOW 005

When I got home I hit the gym for a 30 minute treadmill incline workout and then tried out the free “cooling towel” I got on Groupon. It did help me cool off! While I cooled, I ate the last of the NatureBox Carrot Chips. ^_^

20121203-NOW 008

By the time Chase got home and settled at about 7pm, I was ravenous for dinner! I reheated my brown rice and Kung Pao Tofu and tossed in some raw cabbage. I devoured this bowl.

20121203-NOW 009

Then to calm the fire in my mouth I had ~1/2 cup Greek yogurt with sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam. I need to buy more yogurt!!

20121203-NOW 011

Then since I am super stressed, a bit ticked off, and on my “lady days”, I tried very hard to fight the urge to just eat. I made myself a cup of Reduce Cravings Tea from this awesome tea shop right in Kirkland called Urban Wellness. I also had a Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffle because hey, I deserve one! The tea smelled somewhat awful, but tasted so much better than it smelled! However, it got cold before I could drink it all…

So I ended up finishing off the rest of my tofu and veggies. >.<

Tomorrow can only be better.


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