Cramming Again

Well it is that cramming time of year again. I was up till 1am last night re-reading all my posts I made in December of last year, and yes, apparently I tend to cram for finals in the same way. ^_^ Long hours of notes and lots of food.

20121202-NOW 001

I started my morning off right with breakfast. From seeing photos from last year of delicious eggs and toast I knew that’s what I was having…however mine did not turn out so delicious. =/ I sautéed some green cabbage and parsley (from  my CSA) in butter then added some egg whites and goat cheese. For toast, I had English muffin with orange marmalade. I only ate about half the eggs….they just didn’t taste very good! I think I’m over egg whites and I may have used way too much parsley. >.<

20121202-NOW 002

Due to my dislike of my breakfast, I ended up having a snack of TJ’s Nuts about Raspberries trek mix around 11am. This is while cramming for my Anatomy & Physiology exam tomorrow, so well deserved. ~.^

20121202-NOW 003

Around noon I was still ready for lunch. I reheated the last slices from yesterday’s pizza party (yes, my lovely coworker, Jaycee, let me have the vegetarian leftovers! Free food! Woohoo!), and enjoyed them with some kale chips.

20121202-NOW 004

Then I found myself craving a piece of fruit so I enjoyed this perfectly ripe local Bartlett pear. It was juicy and sweet.

To mix-up the monotony of studying, I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. No I’m not reading the greatest book right now (it’s one of those free Kindle ones and not written that well) but it still was a nice break from neurons and cortexes.

20121202-NOW 005

But post-workout I always get a little famished. The last of the trek mix was consumed around 4pm.

20121202-NOW 006

Vinni, of course, helped me study like he always does.

20121202-NOW 011

But got a little ticked off when Ophie tried to fit in my lap and help as well. After this photo was taken he left in a huff! Then the babies decided to fight over my lap until their daddy got home; taking turns sitting on each other until the sitted-on moved.

20121202-NOW 012

I had me a hankering for some Chinese crispy tofu for dinner but instead ended up with not so crispy. >.< We tried out a closer Chinese place than our favorite one (in Bellevue) called Great China Restaurant. I could tell by the limited tofu menu that their tofu was probably not one of their big sellers. =/ I ended up ordering the Kung Pao tofu and while I was pleased by how many veggies came with it I was disappointed with the texture.

I saved money and made my own brown rice at home, plus cut up some raw green cabbage to go with it too. I ate my fill and was glad for a hot easy meal. It was just one of those days I didn’t have the extra brain power for cooking. 

20121202-NOW 013

However, since the texture was so lacking I ended up craving something crispy a few hours later. So I opened up my NatureBox Carrot Chips and had a serving. Mmm mm! These carrot chips have a great carrot flavor and a satisfying crunch.

I also had a mug of no sugar added hot cocoa.


Look how much this little guy has changed from last year!? My favorite cousin, Chris, and my favorite little cousin, Raiden. ❤ I’m so jealous that my sister gets to see them so often! I’m considering looking into dietetic internships down in California…

Anyway back to studying!


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