Eeee! I am sooo excited for the holidays at the moment! Not only because it is officially the first day of December, but because my mum surprised me with one of the most amazing xmas presents!! ^_^ I’m going to refrain from sharing what it is until I get it (which will be before xmas…I’ll take it!) but just know I am giddy as a 6 year old.

This morning I got up early to hit the gym for my weekly strength training. I am happy to report that my arms are getting stronger! I moved up a lot of my weights by 10lbs! (Sadly the machines in there don’t go up by smaller increments.)

20121201-NOW 001

Then I learned my lesson that no matter what kind of workout I do, even if I don’t sweat that much, I need to have a cold breakfast or I will not be able to cool off. Instead though, I had a super steamy (hence the fog on the lens) bow of strawberry oatmeal topped with sunflower seed butter and golden raisins. I couldn’t finish this bowl! I was just waaayy too hot and therefore didn’t want another bite. I’d say I ate at least 2/3s but dumped the rest.

I guess I’m not giving up yogurt this winter!


I have a new bus pass thanks to my lovely friend, Danae, so I didn’t walk the 2 miles to work today. I know it’s good for me (and helps my legs stay nicely toned) but it was nice to just sit in a bus and not have to worry about sweating my makeup off or tripping in my new boots. Perhaps I’ll only use the pass when the weather is bad. =/

Anyway I got to my work with plenty of time to spare so I stopped into my new coffee shop, Urban Coffee Lounge, and ordered an 8 oz cappuccino. While I sipped this creamy goodness, I planned out my studying for the rest of the week. Yay for finals!


We had a frame show today and were super busy so Jaycee nicely ordered us pizza! I ate two slices of Dominos pizza with green pepper and pineapple along with my roasted veggies.


Then near 4pm I found myself super hungry again so I munched on a few butter cookies we had out for customers. >.< I would have kept going too, I was that hungry, so I made an executive decision and ate a third piece of pizza instead. Hey better than eating a million cookies!

20121201-NOW 002

For dinner, I finally finished up all of the Thanksgiving leftovers! Maple grapefruit glazed salmon, Butternut squash and cranberry maple millet, and simple steamed cauliflower with a little bit of butter and S&P. Surprisingly, the cauliflower was my favorite thing about this dish. Who would have thunk! Steamed?!

20121201-NOW 003

While I did a bit of O chem studying (and then decided I should concentrate on A&P since that exam is on Monday while O chem is on Wednesday), I finished off the last square of my Theo Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate with a mug of Tazo Luminesce tea.

After studying for awhile my brain needed more sustenance. =( Had the last serving of Chipotle Maple Almonds from NatureBox! Have a goodnight everyone.

Are you excited for the holidays?


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