Oh my. So I drank way too much wine tonight and I hurt right now. So this post may be a little less witty and fun than normal. Bear with me!

20121129-NOW 001

This morning I had a quick blueberry overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter, sliced almonds, and golden raisins. I’m gonna miss my yogurt in the morning, but I know it’s time to move on to warmer foods unless I workout in the morning.

We had our last Whole Foods Production class today (minus the final cooking project) and it was a bit tense with our group dynamics. However, we managed to cook the food in the end.


Coconut peanut sauce soba noodles, pan fried tofu, quick boiled collard greens, and kimichi veggies. Delicious! I seriously loved this dish. 


And of course a dessert: two chocolate chip cookies made with sucanant and whole wheat pastry flour. They were scrumptious! I somehow managed to only eat two and give my other three to Chase. ^_^

20121129-NOW 002

Around 2pm I had a snack of a mug of whole milk. ❤


And then we had a dinner party! Well softof. My Whole Foods group got together to test-run our menu for our final project. I drank way too much wine. Probably 3 real sizes glasses… It was just such a stressful day I needed to unwind ya know?


I drank so much I hardly touched our meal of Thai squash curry with pan friend tempeh, brown rice, and an Asian cabbage salad. I packed it up for lunch tomorrow…

20121129-NOW 003

Then once I was dropped off at home around 9pm I knew I needed something in my belly to help soak up the drink so I toasted an English muffin and slathered one half with almond butter and orange marmalade and the other with sunflower seed butter with raspberry jam. Washed down with a mug o’ milk. ^_^

20121129-NOW 004

Sadly, it didn’t make me feel better…so I also ended up trying a serving (1/3) of the NatureBox Cinnamon Spice Granola. To be honest…I didn’t care for it! Perhaps it’s the coconut in it? I’m gonna send the rest of the bag to my mum who wants to try these snacks. ^_^

Anyway, I’m starting to feel a little better suddenly and am drinking water and picking at Country Ranch Peas. No wonder I rarely get drunk!



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