Studying Shmuding…

Today I realized how far behind I let myself get by not studying all Thanksgiving break! Whoops! Of course..instead of getting back to work…I had a fun day instead. ^_^

It started off with me snoozing my alarm since my toe was still tender when I woke up to run. I figured it would either be good enough to run tonight or I’d bike.

20121126-NOW 002

So I had plenty of time to slowly enjoy my breakfast of roasted cinnamon apple overnight oats topped with almond butter, toasted almonds, and golden raisins. (So excited to have my holiday season placemats out! ~.^)


At lunch, Danae and I both saw what they were serving in the cafeteria and ruled it a buying lunch day! Sweet and Sour Tofu, golden rice, and sesame veggies. I ordered the half portion this time and while it was the perfect amount of rice it was totally skimpy on the tofu and veggies. Danae nicely gave me some of hers, but I really didn’t feel filled. Lesson learned! Next time I’ll just get a full portion and take some home if I have to.


Due to this light lunch, I got a bit cranky during a very stupid group assignment in A&P so I munched on a banana and TJ’s Nuts About Raspberries Trek Mix. It felt like a loonngg day.

After that lame busy work assignment was over with though…Danae and I were on our way to Seattle! We had free tea bags to cash in!


Starbucks opened up it’s very first Tazo Tea store in the University Village two weeks ago, and while at the Northwestern Tea Festival we received free bags to be filled at the store for 1 free ounce of any tea! Hells ya. We went and checked out their entire selection..then choose the most expensive tea that smelled good.^_^ We ended up with one of their “well-being” white teas: Luminesce. A replenishing infusion of white tea, real cucumber & lime peel. Supposedly for clearing up skin!


With our free ounces in hand we stumbled upon another new addition to University Village, The Veggie Grill! I’ve read about this restaurant many times on The Actor’s Diet but had no idea we had them here in Seattle! (There’s also some in Portland, but mainly they are Southern California based.) It’s pretty much a fast food vegan place!


Like I am always at a vegetarian restaurant….I had no idea what to get! I’m awful with that many options! In the end I somehow choose this the Urban Plate: blackened tempeh-caramelized onion-portabella mushroom stack, steamin’ kale, sliced tomato salad, and chipotle ranch.To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite probably because I keep learning that I don’t like portabella mushrooms! Totally not Veggie Grills fault, so I’d love to go back again and try their Hail Kale Salad! The place was really bright and lively, and the staff were sooo friendly. Seriously. Let’s be best friends.

(I ate half my plate at the restaurant and the rest with Chase when he got home.)

20121126-NOW 003

When I got back home I was able to pick up the package that was waiting at the office for me!

20121126-NOW 005

NatureBox is snack delivery company that wants to help you to a healthier you by keeping healthy options for snacking in your life! ‘Cause lets face it, when you keep good foods around you you end up eating good foods! Their products are made from wholesome ingredients with minimal processing and they’re all vegan. They change up their offerings every month so it’s a delicious little surprise! This December box contained: Carrot Chips, Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds, Chipotle Maple Almonds, Cinnamon Spiced Granola, and Country Ranch Peas. Can’t wait to try them all!

If you’d like to give them a try (you can cancel anytime and they will even give you a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied) you can get 25% off your first month by using this promo code: REFER25

(NatureBox did not give me their products, I bought them myself so this is by no way me getting paid to say this stuff. I just think we should all eat good food!)

Around 8pm I finally found it in myself to give the gym a try for a 30 minute interval treadmill run. That’s right! My toe is feeling almost 100% better. I still took it easy and did not raise the incline, but I’m pretty sure my toe is out of the woods. Yay!

20121126-NOW 008

After my workout I had dessert: cup of Luminesce tea and a square of Theo Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate. Mmmm.

Well I didn’t get any studying in today…but tomorrow I am planning out every hour so I get the maximum amount of things done!!! Night!


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