Sister Time

Even though I worked yesterday, Whitney and I still managed to have a lot of fun. ^_^

20121124-NOW 001

The day started with me getting up and heading to the gym to do some strength training and then getting ready for work. For breakfast I had a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, some raw oats, ground flax, roasted cinnamon apples, and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter. Nom nom.

Then Win and I walked to work…


And stopped by Urban Coffee Lounge to try out some new drinks! I got an 8oz nonfat Maple Salted Latte and Win tried a nonfat Peppermint Mocha. Sadly, the maple salted latte was a bit too sweet for me…and I ended up spilling half of it all over the files I was working on at work. >.< Guess I was just not supposed to drink that one.


Around 1pm I tried to eat some lunch but I could not stand the soup I brought! Soyrizo/fire roasted corn/ steamed parsnips and carrots. BLEH. I threw this soup out and ate my little arugula salad with spiced pecans, goat cheese, and champagne pear vinaigrette and two slices of grapefruit.


You might have guessed that I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g by 4pm. I managed to refrain from the chocolate drawer though because Win promised to bring me some trail mix and a banana! I scared these down while we had pedicures and manicures done at the new nail salon, Waynita Nails, right by my work.

They just opened last month so we got 20% off but their prices are fair even without that! Plus the girls who do the nails are super sweet. I’ll definitely be going back sometime. ~.^ It feels so good to have my nails not bugging me and looking great.


See!? I’m so ready for the holidays. ^_^ I got French tips on my hands.


Once Win and I walked back home in the chilly night, we all loaded into the car and hit up our favorite restaurant, Pen Thai! This was Win’s last night with us so we wanted to celebrate, starting with drinks. I had a Gin Gin Mule: gin, fresh mint, lime, ginger ale. Mm mm.


And then I showed Whitney the best pad see iew we’ve both ever eaten! As always, I wanted to eat it all but I was good since…

20121124-NOW 003

We had our last pieces of pecan pumpkin pie at home! We ate pie and watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Boy was that movie not what  I expected but still really good. I liked it but I definitely cried more than I laughed.

Anyway need to get at least one paper done today!! See you all tonight.


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