Black Friday

20121123-NOW 009

Well we survived our very first year of Black Friday shopping today! No, we weren’t out at midnight (or 8pm on Thursday for that matter…) with the crazies, but we still got our fair share of good deals! Boots, Hello Kitty bag, fun gift for Chase, a new travel mug, and an oil mister. Pretty stoked about the sales on everything!

20121123-NOW 002

Breakfast was light since we were so stuffed from yesterday. Also very festive and a real treat: tall nonfat eggnog latte! It tasted amazing. I’m glad I had all the calories from the eggnog too because we didn’t eat until after 1pm. Too much shopping to do!


Eventually, when I was getting quite cranky, we went across the street from the Alderwood mall to Pho Alderwood for a bowl of vegetarian pho. It was absolutely perfect on this pouring and chilly day! I ate my whole bowl minus the noodle and it warmed me up big time.

After a bit more shopping we were finally done around 3pm.

20121123-NOW 003

Once home I had a real blood sugar crash and needed some sugar stat. So Win and I partook of some pumpkin pecan pie. ^_^ Yep. Still good.

20121124-photo (1)

Then we set up my new xmas tree! Isn’t it perfect? Vinni and Ophie also got their holiday sweaters on. ^_^

20121123-NOW 017

For dinner we made more green veggies this time: sautéed Brussels sprouts in lime oil and topped with parmesan, soy sauce braised green Russian kale, butternut squash and cranberry maple millet, garlic and rosemary pumpkin, and a little piece of a roll. Delicious.

20121123-NOW 019

And…another piece of pie for dessert. ~.^ I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do food wise when Whitney leaves!

I’m so excited that it’s the holiday season now. There’s just this feeling of happiness in the air. Love it!


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