No Solids Please.

So you know how I went crazy with getting to eat real food again and went right back to eating solid foods yesterday? Well boy did I regret that last night! My stomach was in soo much pain I felt like dying. I vowed to never eat again it hurt so bad! Now, of course, I didn’t keep that vow, but I did decide today would consist of less solid food.


In fact, since I didn’t have anything good at home, I ended up grabbing a Columbia Gorge Organic VitaSea with Superfoods fruit juice blend before Cultural Perspectives on Foods class. 300 calories for the full bottle and oh my word it was good! It had apples, pear, banana, mango, strawberry, peach, spiruinal, chorella, soy lecithin, Alfalfa grass, barley grass, wheat grass, sea lettuce, dulse, and kelp in it! Mmm mm. If I didn’t love my breakfast foods so much I’d drink my breakfast more often! It did however cost about $4 in our cafeteria. >.<

My organic chemistry exam went very very poorly. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced having absolutely no clue how to do a problem. I don’t know how I could have studied more but apparently the homework problems in the book are just too low level compared to what he tests us on. =/ I felt really crappy about my performance. We will hopefully get them back next week but I’m pretty sure it will not be pretty.


For lunch I bought a bowl of split pea and leek soup that was pretty tasty. However, it was a little too chunky for my tummy so I ended up giving the last of it to Danae.


Then we headed to QFC to pick me up some Odwalla so I wouldn’t pass out during A&P lab. Mango Tango was delicious but very sweet. I remember now that there is a reason I’m not normally a fruit juice girl.

After lab, I hit the gym for my first workout since the cleanse! My 60 minute hill stationary bike ride was a bit rougher than before but surprisingly not a killer. I’ll take that as a good sign that my muscle wasn’t harmed too badly.

20121114-NOW 001

After working-out though I was famished! I needed something with some chew stat. So I ate the last 1/3 of a demi baguette with a little herbed goat cheese. My stomach luckily handled it like a pro. Phew!

20121114-NOW 003

At about 7pm it was finally time for dinner. Luckily I have all those frozen soups in the freezer so I thawed out a pumpkin leek pureed one and food processed some of my wine poached beets. Will someone please remind me to never cook beets any other way but roasting them? I really don’t like them when they’re not roasted! It’s going to be tough eating all of these poached beets. They just taste too sweet.

20121114-NOW 004

A bit unsatisfied with the lack of texture in my food, I had a small dessert of a half a cup of nonfat Greek  yogurt with a dollop of lemon curd and a sprinkle of toasted almonds. ❤ God I love nuts.

I’m so glad tomorrow is my Friday. This week has been tough physically and mentally. I’m ready for a fun weekend (and hopefully some solid food!)

What do you eat when you can’t eat solid food?


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