Day 3: Unfocused

Before I start talking about my cleanse I just wanted to give a shout-out for my sister’s play that just opened in San Diego at The Old Globe Theater, Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.


Please if you live down near San Diego go check it out!  It will be open from November 10th – November 18th. You can buy tickets here!

My sister, Whitney, has the lead role and while I have grown up seeing all of her performances and learning (most) of her lines, I sadly won’t be able to get down there to see this one. Please go be there for me!


I’ve felt pretty unfocused all day. =/ I keep finding myself just staring off into space while I’m trying to study and not being able to bring my mind back to what’s in front of me. It’s been very frustrating!

I’ve also noticed that, like yesterday, I haven’t been able to get in all 6 lemonades. >.< Keeping them three hours apart works for me but by the time it hits 11pm and I’m supposed to have another I’d rather just go to sleep! I’m sure this won’t be a problem once I have to get up a lot earlier so maybe that will fix the muddled mind problem.

My lips and face are unusually dry as well. Need to moisturize more and use chapstick! This could be due to the changing of the weather though. My skin always gets super dry as it gets colder out and it is chilly here! Nothing like Montana but…cold enough for me! I told Chase that I am going to wear my hat, mittens, scarf, and down coat to school tomorrow so I can stay warm! This cold liquid diet isn’t helping.

Let’s see cravings…no big cravings today but I did notice the smell of the bananas sitting on my counter. I miss bananas. I feel like if I don’t get anything else out of this (which I already have but still) I will get back my appreciation for simple fruits and vegetables.

Anywho going to have my laxative tea and attempt to study more O chem before bed. Have another exam this Wednesday. >.< Goodnight!

Do you like Shakespeare?


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Unfocused

  1. That’s awesome about Whitney! Boo that you cant be here in S.D. Hopefully soon, and I love Shakespeare.
    I think you are doing great w/your cleanse before you know it, it will be all over and then it’s back to bananas and p.b. 🙂

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