Day 2: Tea

Well day 2 of my 10 day detox cleanse is about over with. So far I’ve drunk 5 lemonades though I do make sure to drink all 6 plus the laxative tea before bed.

This morning I walked 2 miles in the freezing cold to work and knew I had to get something to warm me up stat!


So I popped in to Starbucks (seriously I will stop coming here!) and got a Venti Passion tea (herbal so no caffeine which is allowed on the cleanse) in a Grande cup with the extra tea bag on the side (hence the short cup). Now I have another tea bag to use later this week! (I don’t have a lot of herbal tea since I prefer caffeine..) I drank the tea and enjoyed feeling warm.

I thought making my lemonades at work would be difficult but it turned out fine. The goal is to use the freshest lemon juice so you want to juice it right before you drink it. So I brought my handheld juicer and all my equipment with me! I feel a little more confident about doing it at school now. I got super fast at throwing the drink together!

Today’s observations:

I think I made my laxative tea too strong last night! I soaked 4 tea bags in hot water and man..I was up at about 4am, 6am, and 8am rushing to the toilet! I’m gonna cut it back by a bag and hopefully still get a movement.

I didn’t find myself hungry today but I found myself missing food. For example I roasted some broccoli for Chase’s dinner (hey someone has to eat my produce!) and found I could taste it in my head. I haven’t craved anything but vegetables! Okay…maybe I had one thought on peanut butter. ~.^ But nothing my will of steel couldn’t deal with.

I wasn’t as tired today as I was yesterday. ^_^ I had energy for my walk and my work and now it’s okay to cuddle up on the couch with Vinni. ❤

What’s your favorite kind of herbal tea?


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