Last Hurrah

Thanks for all your kind words everyone. I really appreciate your support. ❤ Yesterday was pretty rough.

It started with me trying to be healthier by adding a workout of just weight training back into my schedule. I concentrated mainly on my arms and man am I feeling it today.

20121103-NOW 002

Next up with a quick breakfast of strawberry (only two) overnight oats topped with homemade crunchy peanut butter and golden raisins.

On my 2 mile walk to work I stopped by the supplement store and grabbed some vitamin B-12 supplements, Omega 3, and Co-Q10. Hopefully these will help along with my improved diet.


Since I intend to really axe added sugars I thought I’d use up my very last free drink at Starbucks to partake in a holiday tradition one last time: double tall ristretto egg nog latte no whip. It was delicious and surprisingly not too sweet! I think they don’t add extra syrup which I love. Just the egg nog flavor in all it’s glory. Goodbye sweet and yummy Starbucks drinks. =(


This latte really kept me full so it wasn’t until 1pm that I decided I should pick at my lunch. To be honest my appetite wasn’t there. I cut my lunch in half by only eating half the soup along with my 1/2 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of lemon curd.

Once I got home I did snack on a handful of peanuts to keep me going. At work Chase had texted me inviting me to a night out with dinner and games with his boss. Sounded just what this sad girl needed. One last hurrah.

We went to Old Village Korean BBQ in Shoreline. I was excited since I’ve never had Korean BBQ before…but soon I realized why…


Korean BBQ is (duh) all about the meat! I picked at some salad…


And forced down half of this mushroom stone pot (selected premium mushrooms and vegetables in a tone pot with rice). It was pretty tasteless. Well  now I know why there are some ethnic restaurants I don’t go to!


After dinner we went about trying to find an open pool table. Everywhere was jumping! We ended up at a movie theater actually. Cinebarre is a movie theater that offers dinner and alcohol during a movie! I know, crazy right? Anyway since they are basically a bar they have pool tables too.


I kissed alcohol goodbye with a Splash. That’s what they call their lime and orange sangria. ~.^ It was a lot of fun learning to play pool (the other couples were really good so they gave me a lot of tips) and just hanging out.

That said, I haven’t done homework in three days so I have a lot to do today. Be back tonight!


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