Wordless Worry

Sorry to have another wordless post but I received the results from my blood tests I had done last week and I am very upset over them. I promise to talk about it more later when I’m in a more reasonable state. ❤

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60 minute hill stationary bike ride

20121102-NOW 005


2 thoughts on “Wordless Worry

  1. Dear Robyn, Bummer!! I hope it’s nothing too serious and that just tweaking your diet a bit can straighten things out. At least I am assuming your iron levels were OK, unless the recent blood donation affected your red blood cells and you haven’t fully recovered. Hang in there and I hope this turns around in just a few weeks for you. (If it’s any consolation, my results weren’t great last time, either, and I’m still afraid to go back and get retested because I know I haven’t done all that I need to, to correct the situation.) It’s still wonderful that you are exercising nearly every day. You are doing a lot of good things for your body. Give yourself credit for that. Hugs and love to you and Chase and the kitties!

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