Goodbye Halloween


I just wanted to say goodbye to Halloween until next year with a photo of me actually dressed up and enjoying the holiday. ^_^ I think I was a “princess” but really I was wearing the flower girl dress my sister got to wear in a wedding.

20121101-NOW 007

This morning I decided not to get up super early and workout. Instead I had a nice cold breakfast of strawberry overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter, toasted almonds, and golden raisins. I think I need to get more creative toppings to make these more exciting! Trader Joe’s here I come!


It was Whole Foods Production today so lunch was very out of the ordinary. Teriyaki salmon, pressure-cooked brown rice, Triple “A” Salad, and a coconut maple cream custard.

It was all really delicious and surprisingly easy.


Since it was my looonnnggg Thursday today (O-chem lab), I snacked on a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar. It was good, but I think I’ve had it for too long. Was a bit dry!

My lab went smoothly (we made banana flavoring! Holy moly it is sooo artificial.) and I managed to get out early around 6pm.

20121101-NOW 001

Once home I was starving. I quickly reheated all my pad see ew leftovers and dumped it on a bed of streamed green beans. Devoured. I should have slowed down but I was famished!

20121101-NOW 002

Then, since we stupidly left the Halloween candy bowl out and I was still not satisfied…I ate way too much candy. >.< Seriously. I kept wanting more and more. Finally I made myself take a picture of all I’d eaten and that made me stop (along with stopping the chocolate binge with a lollipop). I know I need to work harder at not eating anything unless I’ve already photographed it. That’ll make me rethink the next hand dip into the bowl. I’ve also instructed Chase to not let me have any of his chocolate. The point of me buying the lollipops was because I knew I couldn’t binge on those!

Anywho my plan was to get in a bike ride this evening, enjoy reading my book, but after all the food and candy I just felt soooo tired. Instead I decided my day off would be today and tomorrow I’ll bike. Besides, I can’t move this baby girl off my lap now!


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