Anyone else ready for Halloween? I certainly was in 1991! Checkout how many cupcakes I have in front of me!

Sadly even though Halloween is approaching, we still have our daily mundane lives to live. Mine started off with a trek to the gym in the rain early this morning. Once there, I ran a 30 minute treadmill interval at 0.5 incline. I love donating blood but man it takes my body awhile to get back to it’s old self! This run was hard! The breathing was fine, but my muscles were crying out.

20121030-NOW 001

Breakfast was strawberry overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter, dried cherries, and toasted almonds.


For my last day at the Bellevue office (until Winter break) my wonderful coworker, Gretchen, bought me a tall Earl Grey Tea Latte. ❤ I’m not sure the baristas knew how to make it though. This new location (at the hospital) never seems to know what they’re doing. It didn’t have much milk (which is good since I forgot to specify nonfat) and wasn’t that sweet (none or few pumps of syrup). It was still good though.


My lunch, on the other hand, wasn’t! I packed a bento with leftover apple quinoa filling from last night’s dinner, semi-caramelized leeks, roasted parsnip, and a “hot dog”. I mentioned how I really didn’t like this quinoa last night because it’s just so one dimensional right? It’s just waaayy too sweet. Well I thought the “hot dog” would be salty enough to make it good…however it was not. I ate some, picked out what veggies I could, and closed up the box. Then I mixed the last baggie of Treasure Trove Trail mix into a Blood Orange 0% Chobani Greek yogurt and devoured it. I hate when my lunches fail!


It makes me eat some not so great food. >.< Check out this perfect sized portion of Rolo’s I nibbled on! All candy should be this size. Then Gretchen went and bought me this giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie when I mentioned I was so hungry I might eat all the chocolate in sight. It didn’t taste that good, but I was so hungry I didn’t care.


Since my lunch was so fail, I was famished for dinner by 6:30pm.  I reheated up pasta, tossed it in the last of my skinny pesto, tried to pick out the leeks from my quinoa lunch, and tossed on a cut-up Boca Burger with parmesan. I devoured this bowl…then grabbed more pasta with balsamic drizzle and parm. Bleh.

Where were all my veggies today!? I feel like I had way too many treats and it’s not even Halloween! >.< I blame stress…


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