=/ I can’t say my week started off kicking. I crawled out of bed completely exhausted and stuck to my guns and hit the gym for a very hard 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.0 incline. It was rough!

20121029-NOW 001

Breakfast helped wake me up a little though. Cherry overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter, toasted almonds, and golden raisins. I can’t imagine my day starting off without this cold creamy goodness.


Once I got to school my tiredness came back. =/ I zombie-stared through o-chem and dazedly ate my lunch. Jar of soyrizo lentil soup, Asian pear, and pumpkin seeds made by me. Do you eat the entire shell? I do!


Danae and I knew we needed something to keep us awake during our most boring class, Anatomy & Physiology, so we split this treat I’ve always wanted to try! Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups! Yum-o! It was very rich so it made it easy to nibble on instead of devouring it quickly.

20121029-NOW 002

When I got home from school all I wanted to do was lay down on the couch and do nothing. Instead I did the dishes then made myself a small snack of the last of TJ’s pumpkin spice granola with skim milk. This powered me through finishing my midterm project for Cultural Perspectives on Food! I’d love to share my paper with you all if you’d like. It’s on Japan!

20121029-NOW 004

Dinner took a few hours to throw together mainly due to me having to run to TJ’s to grab an onion. I made Emily’s Quinoa & Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash and also roasted some delicious cremini mushrooms and parsnips in Mediterranean spices and olive oil. I was also really feeling the need for a sweet glass of moscato wine. ❤ Yes I know it’s only Monday. ~.^

20121029-NOW 006

Lately I’ve had a major sweet tooth. I know I need to work on this but tonight I let myself eat this small bar of milk chocolate I grabbed at TJ’s on my onion run. Goodbye chocolate. I swear I’m cutting back on you!

Trying to hit the books hard and stay on top of my studies but I am just wearing thin. Tomorrow is my last Tuesday working at the Bellevue location for my job which I am thrilled about. I finally just had to say I needed less hours and more time for my schooling. It’s just money right?

Anyway, have a goodnight!

Do you eat the entire pumpkin seed including the shell?

P.s. Wanted to share with you all some Halloween spirit


Me at 1 year old dressed as Davey Crocket!


2 thoughts on “Zombied

  1. You are too cute :)Yes I eat the whole pumpkin seed, would love to hear about your mid term project on Japan. Any day including Monday is a good day to drink wine in my opinion, and it’s definitely okay to have chocolate everyday lifes to short to not!! Nuff said 😉

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