Teen Feed

So that 12 hour fast I was whining about last night actually wasn’t so bad. =P I was soo tired last night I didn’t even notice. When I woke up this morning I managed to just shower, dress, and head over to the hospital for a quick blood draw without being too cranky. Don’t worry this blood work isn’t for anything serious. My doctor just thought it might be good to see where my vitamin B-12 levels were and check my cholesterol since I never have.


Afterwards though it was breakfast time!! I toasted an English muffin and slathered it with homemade crunchy peanut butter, one with three berry freezer jam, and the other with orange marmalade. I also ate an Asian pear that was finally ripe…and then found I was still hungry so I toasted a heel of whole grain bread for another round of PB&J. Yum-o. I really wish I’d had some milk to wash it all down but I have yet to pick more up!

I had plans to meet up with a nutritionist this afternoon whom I will be shadowing and getting a little bit of clinical experience with later this year, but alas, she cancelled with a headache and I was somewhat relieved. I had a headache too! In fact all day I’ve had it and been really tired. =/ I blame the blood loss.

20121026-NOW 003

Around 1pm I tried to refuel with a big ol’ bowl of soyrizo lentil soup with a dollop of Greek yogurt. To be honest the heat seems to have toned down! Still delicious though.


Danae picked me up around 3pm and we drove into the University district and grabbed coffee while we went over some ochem. I had a short cappuccino with the very last money on my Starbucks card. I refuse to refill since they changed the Gold card benefits!

Why did we go all the way to Seattle though?


Because we volunteered to help out with the Teen Feed at a local church for some community volunteer hours. (Need 50 this year.) We helped prepare: salad, chili, corn bread, and brownies and served the homeless teens that came through.


We got to eat too! I had a small bowl of vegetarian chili (which I am regretting now as my stomach tries to digest the beans), some salad with a drizzle of a balsamic vinaigrette Danae made, a small piece of corn bread, and a bit of brownie. I ended up grabbing a little milk too for the brownie.

It was a great experience and we’ll probably volunteer to help out again if we can.

20121026-NOW 004

When I got back home around 9pm though, I was still hungry. So I dug deep into our freezer and found the last bit of vanilla ice cream we’ve had in there for months! Topped with toasted almonds, chocolate grinds, and tart dried cherries, it was perfection. Goodbye ice cream, hello cold weather! (I feel like such a wimp saying it’s cold here. =P Truth is, no it’s nothing compared to Montana where they’ve already had snow, but I’m still cold! Brr!)

Big fun plans for tomorrow too so come back again! ~.^


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