Today was lovely! Oh what a big difference in my stress levels does having Tuesday off from work make. Seriously, I feel soo much better.

I woke up late…probably about 10am! O.O

20121023-NOW 001

Then I made myself a lovely breakfast of Kodiak Cakes drizzled with maple syrup, thawed frozen cherries, and toasted almonds. I ended up adding a little almond butter later. Mmm mm.

I thought about cracking into my organic chemistry homework next but decided that even though it was a day off, I should still get in my workout as soon as possible or I’d let it nag at me until I did. 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.0 incline flew by and I felt great!

20121023-NOW 002

A bit after 2pm I was a little hungry for lunch. I made a whole batch of kale chips and ate half with a little cup of tamari spicy trail mix (rice crackers, sesame bran sticks, peanuts, and almonds) and a few crackers with herbed goat cheese.

20121023-NOW 003

My lunch turned out to be a little light so a bit later I had two raspberry lemon thumbprint cookies with milk. Yep, they’re still good!

20121023-NOW 004

For dinner I was really craving a hamburger so I made a Vegan Boca Burger on top of an English muffin and topped with sweet onion, funky pickles (what I’m calling my homemade pickles..) and ketchup. On the side I finished off the kale chips.

Two more unpictured cookies were had for dessert with a little dark chocolate too.

I got an entire chapter plus homework questions done in Ochem and feel pretty ready for my A&P lab quiz as well. On top of that I got to talk to my mother for a bit which was great since it’s been so long since we’d spoken! Funny thing was that she was sitting in the Seattle airport on her way to a conference! Darn those airports for having such tight security or I’d have gone and seen her.

Like I said overall, a very lovely day. =)

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