Pumpkin Picking

Fall is definitely here in the Seattle area. When I stepped outside to hit the gym this morning I grabbed my down coat (brr!) and my umbrella too (yay rain!). I did an easy 30 minute treadmill interval workout since I wanted to make sure my body was okay with. I did fine and am happy to say I’m pretty much back to 100% again!

20121022-NOW 001

Breakfast of blueberry overnight oats topped with White Chocolate Wonderful PB, golden raisins, and toasted almonds. I almost felt like something else for breakfast but then I remembered how cold and creamy this is and I went with it. ^_^ Seriously though, it is getting cold out here! Pretty soon I’ll be back to oatmeal for sure.


Since my stomach is still a little funny I sipped on Choice Organic Tea’s Chamomile Spearmint with Bergamot. It was very calming though I hate caffeine-free tea normally. =P I like me some caffeine!


At lunch I was super hungry but didn’t have very..dense(?) foods. As in, they filled me up for the time being but long before I normally am I was famished again! Jar of quinoa and the last of the delicata squash and red onions, some fresh cucumber, and a not ripe Asian pear. Yay for finally getting through with leftovers.


Before our big Anatomy & Physiology exam, Danae and I grabbed some white chocolate espresso beans from the cafeteria. ^_^ We munched on a handful of these right before the test to give our brains a bit more caffeine!

So how’d the exam go? A lot easier than I thought it would be but, surprisingly, the professor chose to throw in a lot of trick questions. That being said I ended up with only a 84% which is pretty crappy in my book. =/ I hate when a professor goes out of his way to trick you. Especially at a school where they go on and on about how the professors want you to succeed and are always there to help. Oh well. It could have been worse.

Feeling meh about our exams, Danae and I decided we should do something fun since we were done about an hour early!


We ended up at the Yakima Fruit Market that I have driven by a few times and always wanted to stop but never have! We enjoyed browsing through the abundant varieties of squash…


And picked up some pumpkins for our pumpkin carving party this weekend! They were sooo much cheaper here than at the conventional supermarket.

We went and did a little Target shopping after that and I now have a new hat! Surprised smile Shocking I know. I never wear hats but this one actually works with my awful haircut right now. It was at Target that I became sooo starving even Skittles looked appealing.

20121022-NOW 003

I ended up buying these Raspberry Lemonade Twisted Fruit Logs and devouring one at the checkout. (P.s. Like my new decoration pumpkins?)

20121022-NOW 002

Once I got back home I was still famished but at least not shaking anymore. I quickly toasted up an English muffin and slathered it in homemade crunchy PB and Danae’s famous (in my book) three berry freezer jam! We are going to have a jamming party one of these days and I’m making a whole bunch of this stuff.

20121022-NOW 007

And then to prove that I should never let myself get that hungry, I ended up scaring down a cookie with a glass of milk too. Holy moly hunger demon fed!

20121022-NOW 009

A bit after 7pm I had thrown dinner together. Some of it worked and some of it didn’t. =P The roasted vegetables (parsnip, broccoli, carrot, and sweet onion) were delicious as was the Field Roast sage apple sausage. However my Mediterranean couscous blend was a disaster. I only put half the amount of grains I should have for the amount of water I used so it ended up cooking for far too long trying to evaporate all the water! Mushy mess! I tossed it with that lime vinaigrette I’d had on my counter for awhile though and forced it down anyway.

Anyway I miraculously have tomorrow off from work so I intend to take it easy and get some major homework done. ^_^ It’s crazy how having just one more day off lifts so much stress off my shoulders!


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