I had one of those days that just seemed to drag by. Seriously, I felt sooo tired all day long.

I started with stumbling out of bed and hitting the gym for a 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.5 incline. As tired as I am in the morning, I love getting my workout over and done with. It just takes one bar of stress off my shoulders.

20121018-NOW 001

After showering, pumpkin overnight oats were in order topped with almond butter and craisins. Devoured.

I tried to drink a mug of Sumatra bold coffee with creamer during my Whole Foods Production class but the acidity of the coffee really made my stomach sick.


For lunch today we made: cheesy cheddar polenta (1.5 eaten), Hoppin’ John (Cajun vegetable and black-eyed peas), and braised kale (with garlic and lemon. I couldn’t eat these at all….they tasted fishy too me!).


I did fit in three of these lemon raspberry thumbprint cookies Danae made!! They were sooo good. Totally worth eating three.

20121018-NOW 003

Since I had Ochem lab tonight and was therefore at school until 7pm, I ate a snack of ants on a log around 3pm! Mmm mm. Plus I got to talk to my sister on the phone for the first time in a month!


In lab we distilled clove oil! It was a pretty intense process.

20121018-NOW 002

Once I was done in lab I was way ready for dinner. Reheated Oktoberfest gardenburger, sweet potato fries (dipped in blue cheese dressing…don’t ask but it’s amazing), and a big spinach salad with herb goat cheese, cucumber, leeks, and balsamic dressing.

20121018-NOW 004

I really needed to relax so for dessert I had a few small pieces of Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (one of my favorites by the way) and a glass of my (used to be) favorite wine, Castle Rock Petite Sirah. Yep, I feel a little better.

Tonight I’m vegging on the couch with my babies and watching TV. I’ll study more tomorrow. Night!

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