1st Exam

Alright so my first organic chemistry exam is done! I feel like it went pretty well. I blew through it and never felt like “OMG I have noooo clue!”. Of course, whenever I feel like a test went well I normally don’t do as good as I’d thought. Oh well….

I got up super early this morning to fit in my 30 minute treadmill interval workout at 1.0 incline. It felt great to get it over and done with since I’ve been struggling on getting my workouts in on Wednesday evenings since I get home after 5pm.

20121017-NOW 001

Breakfast was overnight oats soaked with my last pluot and topped with sunflower seed butter and golden raisins. I know I know. I need to eat some different things before you guys get so bored with my breakfast!


Before my ochem test (and therefore in the midst of my cultural perspectives on food class) I snacked on this Odwalla Superfood bar that I got for free last week along with some Earl Grey tea! It was pretty tasty and fueled my brain well during the exam.


When the test was all said and done with, Danae and I found ourselves SUPER hungry and it was only 11:30am! We said screw it and bought lunch in the cafeteria: Chile Rellenos casserole, cilantro rice, and roasted vegetables. I ate half, saved the rest for later, and tucked into dessert: coconut puto! I’d never had puto before but it’s apparently a steamed rice flour cake of Pilipino origin. It was pretty good!

After all the stress of the exam, Danae and I decided we could use a little exercise and fresh air.


Into Saint Edward Park we went! It surrounds our campus in case you didn’t know. ~.^



We trekked about a mile through the hilly woods and came upon Lake Washington! It was so gorgeous out. Brisk and slightly chilly, it felt like Fall.


We also made a little duck friend who swam right up to us. Seriously we could have touched it it was so close.


After getting a little lost in the woods, we eventually found Bastyr again (and wow we sweated a lot! The paths in the woods are not flat!) and got to work on studying for our A&P Lab quiz. We also ended up snacking on organic pumpkin seeds, a tiny piece of TJ’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Caramel (freaking amazing by the way), and a mug of Tazo Rest Well-Being tea.


Chase got home around 6:30pm and then we headed right back out in the car. Chase had some errands to run and so did I! Since we were out and about at dinner time, we ended up eating at Red Robin. ^_^ I was craving a burger. I ended up trying out their Oktoberfest Burger: toasted pretzel bun, Gardenburger patty, beer mustard sautéed onions, beer mustrad, melted Swiss cheese, and tomato instead of ham. It was delicious! I ate half with some of my sweet potato fries and a raspberry iced tea.

When we got home around 9pm I was a bit hungry…=/ Instead of eating desserts I just finished off the leftovers from my lunch. I’m not sure why I was so hungry today!

Anyway off to study for tomorrows Whole Foods Production quiz!


4 thoughts on “1st Exam

  1. You think your bfasts are boring?? My breakfast pretty much everyday is a oatmeal pancake with either apples or a banana covered in greek yogurt BORING!! But I love it, it works for me and has really good staying power. If you love your overnight oats and eat them for breakfast for a year, i’ll still be around to enjoy your lovely blog 🙂
    p.s. I got the book today TY!!! I love it, it totally makes sense and im already on chapter 2!

    • Heidi,

      I’m so glad you go the book and are enjoying it! Like I said, this book has some great words of wisdom but there are some parts where they try to make it more of a “program” that I don’t completely agree with. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

      And thanks ~.^ I’m glad you’ll keep reading! I guess I am getting tired photo wise of taking a picture of a jar!

    • Do you mean the book my Odwalla bar was on? That one is Hungry Planet: How the World Eats. I’m definitely lending it to you when I’m done. It’s very very interesting! In fact, I have a big midterm project on it that I need to work on this coming week. I’ll try to share it when I’m done.

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