Brain Dead.

Bleh. I feel like I’ve hardly studied today and yet I can’t get myself to study more. I am at the point where I feel like I know it, or I don’t. >.< I just am not in a good mood.

20121016-NOW 001

My day started out not that well. I ended up sleeping for an extra half hour and blowing off my workout. In my head I went “I’m not even getting Starbucks anymore so I can sleep in!”. Really, I should have just gotten going.

I ate a quick breakfast of blueberry overnight oats topped with White Chocolate Wonderful PB, toasted walnuts, and golden raisins.


Then I was out the door with Chase and headed to work in Bellevue. Check out this awesome new tea tumbler my Aunt Karen and Uncle Nelson got me for my birthday. ^_^ They gave me an Amazon gift card and now that I finally got my iPod I used what’s left to get the mug I really wanted! Isn’t it pretty!? I love that I can put the loose leaf tea right in it.


Work was…awful? Our big insurance website was down all day so I was on the phone with various insurance companies from 9am-3:30pm. I felt brain dead. Lunch around noon didn’t help much either. I had a few bites of soup (I’m sooo souped out that I’ve now tossed all my soup in the freezer), the last bit of the Emerald City Salad and my last Aussie bite.


Craving milk, I purchased a cup of nonfat and an impulse buy, lemon almond biscotti! Mmm. I attempted to study o chem while I ate.

20121016-NOW 005

Dinner was around 6:30pm and again consisted of leftovers. I really wanted pasta or pizza but made due with cooking some meatless meatballs in red sauce and topping my quinoa with it plus some parmesan. On the side I enjoyed my leeks and delicata squash.

After dinner I hit up the gym for a quick 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.0 incline. I’m glad I fit it in but I kept trying to convince myself I didn’t have the time.

20121016-NOW 006

While I studied I got super snacky and ended up using some Social Snackers as the vehicle for sunflower seedalmond butter and orange marmalade. I’d forgotten I’d had this jam! Washed down with skim milk, of course.

Anyway, I better look at more o-chem.


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