Chase and I did something pretty darn special last night…


..Here’s a hint, but first the rest of my day!

Since we had big plans tonight, I got up early to get in my 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.5 incline. I know I keep saying this but I am seriously impressed by how much better my body is getting at running. My breathing has improved so much!

20121013-NOW 001

When I was done I had a nice cold and creamy bowl of overnight oats mixed with frozen cherries and topped with sunflower seed butter, toasted walnuts, and dried cherries. I expect I’m not going to be done with overnight oats for at least another month. ~.^


And then I was off on my 2 mile walk to work. It is most definitely Fall here and though it drizzled all day long it was simply gorgeous. There were so many occasions that I wanted to stop and take a picture of the different leaves but I settled with just one. Seriously though, on another street there were red and pink leaves everywhere, so I felt like I was in a Valentine’s Day commercial!


At work around 12:45pm, I broke into my lunch: jar of blended pumpkin leek soup that I added some wheatberries to that made all the difference in the world! No more gag reflex! More Emerald City salad, and a tiny Asian pear. I decided to swap my Aussie Bite for…


A tall ristretto nonfat no whip Salted Caramel Mocha with the very last on my Starbucks card! That’s right. I am refusing to reload my card since they changed the Gold Card benefits so this is the last special drink I’ll be getting from them. Now, if you know me, you know I hate the Mocha syrup they use so in this drink I usually have them do half the pumps of Mocha…well if  you read my cup they did half the pumps of toffee nut instead! Upset, since this is my very last drink from them, I went back and they remade it. ^^ But since they let me keep the old one, I drank that one and brought the correct one home for another day! Ha! Free drink.

20121013-NOW 002

After another 2 mile walk home I was a little peckish while I waited for Chase. Instead of reaching for something overly sweet like cookies or chocolate, I decided to make some white ants on a log.  Mmmmm celery, homemade crunchy peanut butter, and golden raisins! Soo tasty and refreshing.


Our evening began at Japanese Gourmet Restaurant right outside of Pike Place Market. I choose this place since I could get a Google Offer for half off! $25 for $50 worth of food, I’ll take it!

We started with glasses of plum wine which is very very sweet. In fact, I couldn’t drink all of mine over the course of our meal so I gave a third of it to Chase.


Next up was tamago (egg) that surprisingly came sashimi-style, meaning no rice. It was tasty but really needed the starch to please your whole mouth and wasn’t as sweet as it usually is.


Then our big platter of sushi arrived. We had the follow:

  • Veggie Tempura Roll – Green been, sweet potato, yam
  • California Roll – Crab, avocado, cucumber, fish roe
  • Seattle Roll – Salmon, avocado, cucumber, fish roe
  • Unagi Maki – Broiled eel, cucumber, teriyaki sauce
  • House Roll – Tempura, shrimp, salmon, cucumber, kaiware, avocado, fish roe

I’m glad we had the Google Offer because this was $50 worth! I tried one of each of the rolls, and then stuck with what I liked. Yep you guessed it: the veggie tempura (white one in the middle). One thing I love about sushi besides all the different textures and flavors is that you never leave feeling stuffed. At least I don’t! I always feel just perfectly satisfied.

This restaurant was good but not overly memorable. Not the best sushi I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst either.

And now for our big surprise:

20121013-NOW 003

My amazing mother got us two tickets to see the musical Wicked for my birthday!!!


I loovvee Wicked and was heartbroken when I found out that my mother and sister had seen it together when she was living in NYC, so when I heard it was running at the Paramount Theatre I knew I had to go. =) Thanks mom!

Our seats were on the second balcony and we got completely lucky by having an open seat in front of us so we could stare right down at the stage. I really enjoyed the show but must admit that our Glinda’s voice was a little weak, so some of my favorite songs did not move me at all. I felt like I had to strain to hear her sometimes. I was also surprised by just how corny this show is! I mean, I enjoyed it, but it did remind me a little bit of childhood acting..

Anyway if you haven’t heard of Wicked I thought I share with you one of it’s most memorable songs.

While I was looking for the right clip to show you all I stumbled across some hilarious Tony Award numbers. Watch if you love musicals! Ps. someone remind me to start watching the Tony Awards again!

Last one..

Okay! Now I’m off to enjoy my one day off this week! Laters!


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