More Caffeine Please.

20121011-NOW 001

Breakfast: Pumpkin overnight oats topped with almond butter, craisins, and toasted almonds. I have a recipe assignment to do for my Whole Foods Production class and I think I’m going to do this one. ^_^ It’s really just about getting the basic layout down so it’s not a problem that there is no cooking and pretty much the simplest, yet tastiest thing ever!


I did pretty well on my pop quiz today but there were some very poorly worded questions so I don’t expect 100%. Oh well. I studied all I could! While I took my quiz, I downed a mug of ghetto mocha: Starbucks Sumatra roast coffee mixed with a package of no sugar added hot cocoa. I needed that extra bounce in my step this morning. (sorry too lazy to picture)

Today in lab we had a very tasty meal. There was: yogurt  marinated chicken kebabs, Emerald City Salad (wild rice, lemon, garlic, fennel, cabbage, kale), Rosemary Red Soup (an amazing blended soup with beets and red lentils), pumpkin seed parsley garnish on the soup, and for dessert, poached pears with vanilla nut cream.

I was in charge of making the dessert and it came out wonderful if I do say so myself! ^_^ I’d never poached before.

I definitely want to make this soup again. It had a great beet taste and the blended lentils gave it a more potato-soup feel in your mouth. Delicious!

20121011-NOW 003

When Danae dropped me back off at home I showed off Boo-Boo. She has little fruit tarts to munch. ^_^

20121011-NOW 005

Planning on hitting the books, I made myself a little cup of this amazing Coconut Crème Chai from Afternoon to Remember miixed with a little milk and sugar. It is perfect.

And then I didn’t want to open a book…and instead convinced Chase that we should go out and get Boo-Boo some things for her home. We got a big fake peanut that she can hide inside and a new food bowl she can’t tip over.


We also stopped at Starbucks so I could grab a tall ristretto nonfat no whip PSL. You know, so I could study! I ended up putting half into the fridge for tomorrow.

Around 5pm, I took a break from organic chemistry and hit the gym for a 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.5 incline. I’m really improving at running. ^_^

20121011-NOW 006

Oh I almost forgot! My studying snack was a toasted English muffin with homemade crunchy PB with marionberry jam. Yum-o.

20121011-NOW 008

Dinner was ready by 7pm, but I started cooking around 6! That’s right, I cooked fresh everything on my plate tonight. ^_^ And it was freaking delicious.

  • Quinoa soaked in vegetable stock
  • Semi-caramelized leeks (i.e. cooked with a little brown sugar)
  • Roasted Delicata Squash and Red Onions – HOLY AMAZING. Please, make this recipe. It is super simple and absolutely amazing in flavor. I liked it better than my leeks and we know how much I love my leeks.

Once this delectable food was finally ready I started scarfing it down. Seriously, after 5 minutes I had less than half my plate left. Realizing this, I set it down for 5 minutes then started again slower, really tasting my food. Sometimes when I’m really hungry I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it! It was a good reminder.

20121011-NOW 011

For dessert, since I’m on my “lady days”, I had a big mug of Choice Organic tea’s Premium Korean Green and some chocolate! Chocolate during this week = required clearly.

So I knocked over half of this green tea on the floor and then tried reusing the bag to make a new cup…but then Ophie decided to stick her foot right into my cup. I guess she didn’t think I needed more caffeine today. –_-

Anyway I have an extra day of work tomorrow so it’s not my weekend yet. =/ Here’s to Friday coming anyway!


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