Boo Boo

I hope you all enjoyed my Whole Foods post on Fats, Oils, & Salt! I feel pretty ready for any quiz my teacher throws at me now. I also have some big news to share but it’ll have to wait for the end of this post. =P

20121010-NOW 001

This morning I didn’t feel like overnight oats. Shocking, I know! Instead, I toasted up two slices of whole grain bread and topped them with my homemade crunchy peanut butter, marionberry jam, and ground flax along with a big mug of skim milk. Mmm mm. The only way I like my bread. Toasted!


During Cultural Perspectives on Food I downed a Choice Organic Teas Earl Grey with Lavender Blossoms. A lot smoother than my usual Twinnings Earl Grey. I’m loving trying all these new teas!


We had lots of vendors in our halls today so Danae and I (and some random guy…) stopped by the Odwalla table and they gave us free bars and T-shirts since I posted this picture on Twitter. LOVE free stuff. Heart


For lunch I had a jar of Pumpkin Leek Soup unblended. Soo much better. I really need that texture in there so my gag reflex doesn’t go. I ate that plus the last of my sandwich and tomato from yesterday, along with an Asian pear. I gave Danae my Aussie Bite since she’d never had one and I’ve had so many. ^_^


And since it was Flavonoid Wednesday (yep that’s what we’re calling it), we stuck to our tradition of buying chocolate and eating it in the library while we got our study on. This Theo Chai Tea Milk Chocolate was delicious. Danae and I enjoy splitting these treats.

20121010-NOW 002

When I got home after 5pm I was sooo hungry I went right to the fridge and pulled out a banana and crunchy peanut butter. It helped me feel so much better. I was getting really bad cramps before it.

20121010-NOW 003

Dinner wasn’t until 8pm and it was somewhat of a failure. Reheated roasted pesto potatoes and steamed pesto rainbow chard…and probably about half of this last wild salmon burger I found buried in my freezer. Apparently fish can go “bad” in the freezer for too long. It was just too fishy for me.

20121010-NOW 007

Since my dinner wasn’t completely satisfying I dug back into my freezer and pulled out the last shortbread cookie: a big Fall pumpkin! Enjoyed with a glass of skim milk, of course.

All fueled up I stuck to my guns and hit the treadmill for a 30 minute interval workout at 1.0 incline. I feel like I’m actually stronger when I workout in the evenings. I’m glad I did it too because it was either 30 minutes tonight or 2 hours tomorrow! O

And now the big news:

20121010-NOW 006

We have a new family member! This is Boo Boo the Fancy Bear Syrian Hamster. ^_^ Yes Boo Boo like from Yogi the Bear. It’s pretty cute that whenever Chase talks to her since he has to do the Yogi Bear voice. I’m determined to get a picture of her not moving one of these days!

20121010-NOW 008

Her brother and sister definitely find her quite interesting.

Anyway I’m going to play with Boo Boo for a bit before bed. Glad tomorrow is just a half day!



4 thoughts on “Boo Boo

  1. At first glance I totally thought boo boo was a rat…eeeek!!!! She is so cute, have fun with your new baby, or should I say Chase’s baby 😉

    • Haha no I’d never get a rat! But she does look like one cause she is sooo big! She has this cute little nub of a tail though.

  2. That’s what I thought too, but my reaction wasn’t ew, it was aw! LOL I had a rat when from 20 to 23, and LOVED him. They aren’t that bad, and the fancy rats are really sweet and make excellent pets! She’s too sweet!

    • I guess what scares me most about rats is that they are just soo big! I’d be so afraid they would bite me! Did yours bite much?

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