Ethnic Supper Club

Today was the first meeting of what I’ve named my “Ethnic Supper Club”. ^_^ I’ve always wanted to be a part of one of these food clubs ever since I’ve watched my mother and father attend theirs. It just seemed like a good idea. People who love to eat, eating together and trying new foods. Anyway I’ll get to that supper…but first the rest of my day.

I woke up early and hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill run at only 0.5 incline since I’m slowly bringing it back up.

20121009-NOW 002

Breakfast with overnight oats soaked with raspberries and topped with golden raisins and homemade crunchy peanut butter. Mmm mm! Everything I love about PB&J and nothing I don’t (bread).


Since my co-worker, Gretchen, saved my bacon last week by buying me coffee and lunch when I’d left my wallet at home, I treated her for coffee today. I got a ristretto doppio with one raw sugar, 2” hot water, and a splash of cream. I’m trying out the sugars since it will be no more free Gold Card syrups pretty soon. It was pretty good!


For lunch I’d packed a Flatout sandwich: toasted Flatout bread with parmesan, a sliced up Morningstar Farms hot dog, spinach, red onion, avocado, and cucumber. Roma tomatoes on the side so it didn’t get all soggy. To be honest, while this sandwich had good intentions and some really good bites, it was way too salty due to the “hot dog” and the parmesan! I should have gone lighter on the cheese but I knew the Flatout tasted terrible so I really wanted to enhance it. I tried to eat all of it but then decided to just listen to my stomach and stop. Sometimes it’s hard to stop when you don’t like the food you’re eating especially when that food is packed full of healthy foods! I just had to remind myself I could eat it later. I also ate my pluot. ❤


I did also eat a baggie of Treasure Trove Trail mix though since I had me a sweet tooth that the pluot did not satisfy.

I really wanted to make it until dinner without snacking because dinner was extra special…for our Cultural Perspectives on Foods class we have a project to form a group and go try a new ethnic cuisine! Danae suggested Moroccan and, having never had it, I jumped on board!

20121009-NOW 006

Marrakesh is an amazingly authentic Moroccan restaurant right in the heart of downtown Seattle. Chase and I arrived about an hour early (our reservation was at 7pm) so we walked around getting a bit of exercise in the chilly air. We found soo many restaurants we’d like to try. But back to the restaurant we did try! Marrakesh is extremely cozy with it’s dim lighting, low tables, and cushions everywhere.

20121009-NOW 011

And my supper club buddies? Danae and her husband, Uriel.

20121009-NOW 013

And Jessica and her husband Terry. Of course, Chase and I were there too but you’ve seen our mugs enough.  It was so much fun chatting and getting to know all of them. =)

20121009-NOW 007

We sat at a giant traditional table and I ordered a glass of Moroccan red wine. It was pretty good too. ~.^ Though it could have been any red wine…

20121009-NOW 008

The other two couples went ahead and did Marrakesh’s Royale Feast Dinner (a ton of family style food) but since I was the only vegetarian I wanted to make it easy on them and just order my own food. I started with a cup of Moroccan lentil soup with a hunk of bread which was fantastic! I didn’t used to like lentils, but I keep finding that I really like them more and more! New goal: cook them myself!

20121009-NOW 014

For dinner I had Breka Vegetarian – Stuffed phyllo dough with mousseline potato, chopped green onions, parsley and cilantro. Chase had Tagine of Braised Hare – In cumin and paprika garlic sauce. To be honest, mine tasted a lot like Indian samosas . The sauce in the middle really made it different and I did enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ll ever find myself wanting it again.

20121009-NOW 015

The feast was a whole bunch of chicken dishes with a lot of sweet and savory aspects like honey, prunes, apricots and olives. It looked delicious!

While we ate we interviewed the owner of the resturant to hear more about Moroccan culture and food. It was really an interesting time. I’ll share our finally paper when it’s all done!

20121009-NOW 016

There were a few cool “rituals” throughout the meal such as a communal hand washing at the start of the meal, after the entrée, and this cool tea pouring. ^_^ Oh did I mention everything is eaten with your hands?

20121009-NOW 019

For dessert Chase and I shared the baklava (a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey) and Moroccan milk pudding. My favorite thing though? Most definitely the sweetened mint tea! I so need to get more mint tea. Fact.

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening and something I hope our “supper club” will do again.

Have you had Moroccan food?


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