Tea Festival

Alright, as promised, I have a ton to share today! I just got done with hours and hours of A&P note taking though, so I’m not sure my brain will work with me. Here goes!

I popped out of bed at 8:30 this morning to go do 30 minutes interval treadmill running. I did it at no incline since my legs were feeling like they needed it a little easier today. I’m so glad I did it though. Like they say, you never regret a workout.

20121007-NOW 001

I love cooling off (I seriously get extremely hot when I workout) with a cold creamy bowl of overnight oats, this time mixed with fresh raspberries. Topped with White Chocolate Wonderful, golden raisins, and toasted walnuts. I looovee raspberries.

20121007-NOW 01620121007-NOW 003

And then my new friend, Danae, picked me up and we headed to the Northwest Tea Festival at the Seattle Center!

20121007-NOW 014

See? Total proof that Danae does exist and yes, we did drink a lot of tea!

20121007-NOW 004

Seriously, we both probably spent way too much money on tea! ~.^ This Coconut Creme Chai was our favorite, and yes we both bought some. We are bad shopping buddies…as in we totally convince the other that we need it! We did do some smart shopping though like going halfsies on some bags and such.

20121007-NOW 007

There wasn’t much food, but we did get a little taste of manju. Not as good as I remember it in Japan.

20121007-NOW 008

What was good was these little rock candies though! I tried a rose one and it had such a surprising texture; hard like a rock, then suddenly very squishy due to the agar agar in it.

20121007-NOW 009

We really had a great time tasting all the teas (and shopping). Heart

20121007-NOW 011

I’m now on the lookout for a cool tea tumbler with an infuser built in. I really like the see-thru look but it has to be made out of plastic and not glass since I am so clumsy! Go-go Amazon right?

20121007-NOW 015

After a lot of tea, we decided we should eat lunch. When I first meant Danae somehow it came up that I’ve never eaten out of a true food truck before. So of course we had to give it a try when this Hallaya Falafel truck was parked right outside the building. I don’t normally like falafel (chickpeas..) but I decided to give it another try since Danae had never had it before.

20121007-NOW 017

With our lunch in hand, we headed across the park to this awesome fountain. Apparently when it really goes off it is huge, but they keep it low so children can play in it. It was fun to people watch on this beautiful day while we ate.

20121007-NOW 019

The falafel sandwich was delicious though I was not immune to the effects chickpeas have on me. >.<

20121007-NOW 022

After a quick trip to Target, Danae dropped me back off at home with all my loot and a plan to drink tea and get studying.

20121007-NOW 023

Checkout my new tea infuser! He needs a name. Oh and this is the lavender earl grey tea I got today. It was,sadly, not very lavender but that’s okay since I love earl grey so much.

20121007-NOW 024

After a few hours of studying I required brain food: banana and homemade crunchy peanut butter! I can’t wait to try making different flavors.

20121007-NOW 026

Of course, these guys tried to help mommy study….not.

20121007-NOW 027

Dinner around 7pm was decided on because we wanted to try my homemade dill pickles! Unfortunately, they are a little…off. I think I used the wrong kind of cider vinegar. =/ Well I know one thing I’m giving my family for xmas! ~.^

Anyway besides the pickles, I had a Boca burger topped with red onion, avocado, roma tomato, and ketchup. Sides were pesto potatoes and steamed carrots with BBQ sauce.

20121007-NOW 028

Later after a lot of studying and laundry, I snacked on half of this Jo’s Pumpkin Spice Bark and a mug of sugar-free hot cocoa. Yes as you can tell I’m in that need-chocolate-part of the month.

Anywho, I think I’m gonna sleep well tonight. Gnight all! Here’s to a great week.

Help me come up with a name for my robot tea infuser!


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