2 Hours!

So people who know my sleep schedule may not believe this but..I love sleep. Seriously! I especially love it when I can get more than 6 hours. ❤ And last night I did!

20121005-NOW 002

Once I finally got up (after hurling the baby from the bed many times…I don’t know what her new problem is. There is food in her bowl and she still pesters me!), I was hungry for breakfast. I bet you are all getting tired of seeing overnight oats but they are seriously my favorite thing. These were overnight oats with a cut-up pluot mixed in and topped with sunflower seed butter, dried cherries, and toasted walnuts.

Next, Chase and I got to work getting the apartment in better shape since we had TV boxes and wrapping everywhere! After much hauling of trash and cleaning, I hit the gym for 2 hours of stationary hill biking. That’s right; I went about 40 miles! Half way through I developed a headache that has been with me all day though. =/

20121005-NOW 003

After this long workout, I was dying for lunch. I re-heated two pieces of Domino’s pizza and the last of some roasted veggies. (Carrots, sweet onions, and peppers.)

20121005-NOW 004

It was certainly greasy, so to clean out my mouth I had this tiny Asian pear from my newest CSA box that arrived today. Cute right?

So when I try to relax and just sit on my bum, my mind starts to make lists of all the other things I should be doing. Homework, networking, studying, ect…So out of the house we went! To Target for returns and pharmacy..


Then World Market with a 10% off coupon to stock up on some fancy chocolate. HeartOne of which, I ate on the way to the bank and Petsmart (for more food for my spoiled brats!). Jo’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Graham was delicious and just what I needed to make me feel a little better. I still had a headache and felt shaky from my long workout.

20121005-NOW 007

For dinner I wanted something hearty and warm so I made some linguine, roasted some organic broccoli and carrots, heated up some meatless meatballs, and made Angela’s creamy avocado sauce! I halved the recipe and then used half of what I made. I’ve made this once before and learned that it does not reheat. Therefore, if you want to have leftovers keep the sauce separate from the pasta, re-heat pasta and mix cold sauce in with it to eat. This meal was absolutely delicious.

20121005-NOW 009

And yet I still wanted more carbs! So I let myself have a red leaf shortbread cookie with skim milk in my new New Roots Organics mug! Yep I won a free mug from my CSA by answering a bit of trivia on Facebook. ~.^ (Lemons have more sugar than strawberries.) Love free stuff especially free stuff with beets on them!


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