I was determined to get my workout in today since I slacked yesterday. At 6 am my alarm went off and I was up and out of bed and in my clothes! I almost decided to get back in bed when I noticed that my left foot was sore and acting up. =/ I don’t know what I did to it…but I decided to ignore it. Low and behold though, the gods did not want me running today. Once I got in the gym I found out someone had broken the treadmill last night! It wouldn’t even power on. >.< So I sucked it up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, which I hate. Oh well, at least it was exercise.

20121004-NOW 001

After working out and showering, I popped open a jar of pumpkin overnight oats topped with craisins, almond butter, and toasted walnuts! Yummy!


In Whole Foods Production we learned about oils, fats, and salts. Turns out I haven’t been storing my expensive oils very well but rest assured they are now in the fridge! (How do you guys feel about me doing little posts on what I learn in this class? I’m sure we could all use the information!) Once we were in the kitchen we did a salt tasting which was a lot of fun! Himalayan, Celtic, Hawaiian, Iodized, ect. It was very interesting to taste the differences and how the salt affects the taste of food.


And then it was cooking time! I know last week I was really upset about how awful the lab went, but this week I decided to say screw it and joined the group of 3 that have no dietary restrictions instead of staying with the vegans/GF group where there were too many people. Yes I may have to cook meat sometime, but I don’t mind learning how, I just don’t want to eat it. It went so much smoother and I actually got to try out different cooking techniques. =)

And oh my the food was delicious!Edit: So I don’t want to mess with copyright laws and such. If you’d like the recipes please email me at! We had: vegetable chickpea curry on top of quinoa, classic raita, arugula salad with creamy ginger dressing, and pecan date bon bons.

I didn’t eat all the salad since there was way too much dressing (one teammate likes to dress the salad without asking…) but I devoured the curry!


Plus three(!) of these amazing date balls.

It’s a good thing I had a big lunch too because I was at school until 5pm due to organic chemistry lab. And that was getting out early. Normally it’s till 7 pm. O

20121004-NOW 002.

When I got home I wasn’t allowed to make dinner either! Stare-Left Because Chase had been waiting all day for me to get home so I can assist him in setting up our new 60” Sharp LED TV!

20121004-NOW 009

There! After waaayy too long, it was complete and  running Netflix. Ophie loves sitting on my new Sherpa blanket and watch TV. ❤

20121004-NOW 004

And then it was dinner!! Two pieces of Domino’s pizza heated in the oven along with some kale chips. I ate this way too fast…

20121004-NOW 005

And then had to crush my chocolate craving with the last two TJ’s Chocolate Biscotti and a big mug o’ skim milk. >.> I really should stop waiting to eat dinner with Chase when I’m really hungry. I make poor decisions…


A couple hours later, I found myself cold and sleepy on my Friday night! Unacceptable. Chase needed to purchase a present for his Mum at Target so we headed there and I grabbed a ristretto doppio espresso with 2 pumps cinnamon dolce syrup, 2” hot water, and a splash of half and half. Perfect. I’m sad that starting tomorrow I’ll have to pay an additional 50 cents for syrup! Such BS!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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