Giving In

So there are some days I feel like I was non-stop busy, yet got absolutely nothing done. =/ Sadly, today was one of those days.

20121003-NOW 001

I was up bright and early, showered, dressed, and eating breakfast before I could blink. Oh did I mention the babies woke me up three different times last night between the hours of 3am and 6am? I was not a happy camper.

Anyway I ate an already prepared batch of pluot overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter, golden raisins, and toasted walnuts. I’m sooo glad I have overnight oats again! I love me some creamy cold deliciousness right in the morning.


At lunch today I was all by myself attending a Student Nutrition Association meeting. I ate my lunch as I listened to all the various volunteer opportunities there are yet still did not get any real concrete information. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll get more answers in emails. (Still looking for a place to put in some clinical hours. =/)

Lunch was some Morningstar Farms Meatballs and some pesto roasted potatoes mixed with roasted veggies of carrots, sweet onion, and beets. It was really tasty and I devoured it. I also had a small Asian pear that went unphotographed.


So this lunch didn’t hold me over for long. An hour or so later, while we were studying for our upcoming anatomy and philology lab quiz, I cracked into my “after school” snack of a Banana Foster Uber bar. Delicious…


Yet an hour after that I was still so hungry I felt weak! Luckily, my new buddy Danae was hungry too so we split a container of school-made candied walnuts. Delicious and just the energy I needed to get through the quiz and lab.

Once she dropped me off at home at 5pm, I quickly rushed to my apartment complexes office and got my very last textbook! Yay for Amazon saving me so much money but boo for them arriving so late! Next I booked it to the post office to send off a few packages. This was the only day until Friday I’d be home before they closed! When I got home again, it was about time for Chase to arrive so I said I’d workout after dinner…

20121003-NOW 003

But dinner got pushed back until 8pm (due to printer running out of ink catastrophe) and ended up being the cheap and easy way out of Domino’s pizza. It’s really hard when your significant other really wants to get crappy food and wanting them to eat something(!) and be happy you agree to it though you’d rather eat the healthy food you have in your fridge. =/ I at least talked him out of getting Pizza Hut which to me is utterly disgusting! I had two slices of mushroom pizza with white sauce, more roasted veggies, and the very last of my summer mead.

Yeah by this time at night I pretty much decided I’m going to have to make up for the two rest days I’ve taken on Friday (my normal day off). I just am tooo tired today. G’night!


2 thoughts on “Giving In

  1. I have been hungry all day too, weird I hate days like this were it feels like your never satisfied..
    Gross Pizza Hut pizza!! At least Dominos is better, and look at the bright side you didn’t forget your wallet today.. 🙂 btw, yesterday I was at target and as I go to pay the girl I could not find my debit card!! Totally panicked I realized I left it on my desk at home, what was up with yesterday? I’m just glad I didn’t loose it or that it got stolen.. Anyhow hope you have a wonderful Thursday

    • Geez this week has just not been our week! I’m glad you found your debit card though! That is scary!!! I had a big scare today as well. I looked at my and suddenly saw that I had $0 in my checking account! I’d accidently paid Chase and I’s rent with my private account instead of our joint one!! >.< It scared me to death but it's fixed now. Let's stop being so forgetful now and while we're at it stop making mistakes too. ~.^

      Hope you have a good Friday!

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